When we think about football fans, we think about all the metaphors and nicknames that accompany them.

The Dog Pound. The Black Hole. The Lambeau Leap. The 12th Man. The Bungles. The Cowgirls.

These are words that ring true as a football fan.  Every real fan loved to see George Wendt and Chris Farley rock "Da Bears" on SNL, watch in amazement as Pittsburgh fans waved what seemed like a million "Terrible Towels......"or watch in stunned amazement as Eagles fans showered their own team with bottles and garbage.

Real fans don't play and you best come correct if you are gonna venture into some these forbidden realms in the wrong colors. But who are the best, the worst or the in between?

Using the metric: numbers + history + loyalty + insanity = rank we find out.  So come on Haters, come on Trolls, we got's some numbers to crunch......