Randy Moss NFL great Randy Moss wished the San Francisco 49ers “Good Luck” as he finished his run to the Super Bowl with them.

However, they didn’t get the job done and we know in sports almost doesn’t count.

Moss has been electrifying the league for 14 seasons with his great catches and mighty speed that most defensive backs just have a hard time dealing with.

Defenses in the league were structured to help stop Moss through his career.

Now that all might be coming to an end for a future Hall-of-Famer that is now 36 years old and many wonder if another team might come calling. Randy Moss had his big chance to make a difference in this year’s Super Bowl but he came up short.

But don’t tell him that because we all know by now he considers himself the “Greatest Wide Receiver of All-Time”. Executives around the league don’t believe this and they followed his play this past season and he had an average one catching 28 passes for 434 yards and three touchdowns.

Do I think that Moss should get another chance? I think so because he has more to offer a contending team that needs some help from a veteran of his caliber. Moss isn’t at a place where he was before to be a 1,000-plus yard receiver anymore. But he still has more in the tank.

I don’t see him going to any team that isn’t contending for a title because we know that Moss can get sidetracked and suddenly lose focus. With a team that is contending he will feel that he’ll play a pivotal part in the offense and finally attain a Super Bowl championship that he’s been missing all of his career.