Randy Miss

There is not a team who is close to winning a championship that would want to sign Randy Moss.  He has way too much baggage and he’s no longer the marquee receiver he was four years ago.

For Moss to say he is the greatest wide receiver during Super Bowl week was asinine at the lease, especially because he was on the 49ers’ roster, which the greatest wide receiver of all time suited up for in the 1980s and 1990s.

Randy Moss’ stats are through the roof, but his attitude has been too.  He made a futile attempt at a comeback and he was unsuccessful.  Moss caught only 28 passes for 434 yards and three touchdowns for the 49ers in 2012.

Maybe he should have retired after the 2010 season when three teams all decided that he was no longer worth the trouble.  Now he’s just another Brett Favre or Bernie Kosar trying to ride a team’s coat tails to a Championship. 

For his first seven seasons and one in 2007, Randy Moss was the best receiver in the NFL.  That is no longer the case.  He’s a has-been.

There is no shame walking away from the game right now.  With 15,292 career yards and 156 touchdowns, he is a sure-fire Hall of Famer.

If Moss wants to play more, he might have to sign with a team like Jacksonville, Arizona or Carolina, but the chances of him going to a Baltimore, Houston or Atlanta are very slim.  With his attitude and laziness, maybe the perfect fit for him would be the New York Jets.