"Will the Rams beat the Cardinals again? It can be done but since the Rams didn't even win a single divisional game last year, the statistics are not in favor of a sweep. Of course, the Rams have new coaches and new players on board. I give the Rams a slight edge in this one but am not holding my breath for them to win."

Someone please give me a plate so I can eat my words!  That's right tonight for dinner I will eat crow.  I did say that the Rams weren't statistically likely, but it happened.

The Rams were able to redeem themselves from last weeks disaster in a big way.  They outscored the Cardianals beating them 31-17.  Sam Bradford scored two touchdowns during the game while Janoris Jenkins scored a pair as well.

Does this mean that the Rams are no longer a bad road team?  Hopefully it does and I believe so.  The Rams have three away games left and they're all winable.  

If the Rams are going to win those games, the penalties must stop already.  The Rams had 10 penalties for a loss of 83 yards today.  The good news is that the Rams are doing better when it comes to yardage.  The Rams had 367 yards while the Cardinals had 375 yards, which was very close.

My favorite draft pick Jenkins was the other good news of the day.Janoris Jenkins became the first player in Rams history and the first NFL rookie since 1960 to return two interceptions for touchdowns in the same game.  The interceptions were both from Ryan Lindley.

The Rams are now 4-6-1.  The Rams will have to win three out of five of their last games for a winning record, and chances of that happening look good.

The Rams move on to play the 49ers at home next week.  Nobody won the game last time but I give the advantage to the Rams.  Both teams scored 31 points today, but hopefully next weeks game won't end up in another tie.