The Rams won!  It was a close game but they were able to pull it off.  The Rams didn't have a great game, but they only had two penalties.  That's quite commendable considering that it is the Rams.  The Bills weren't able to stop the pass game, but they did have a better rushing game.  Here are five things that we learned from the game...

1. Rams Must Get Help at WR

Danny Amendola is the best receiver on the team.  Amendola's great when he's able to play, but he can't do it all.  So far Steve Smith has failed to show up and Brandon Gibson rarely shows up.  Chris Givens is growing and improving, but he's still very young.  As for Brian Quick, he hasn't had much time with the ball and his abilities are yet to be determined.  One of the mentioned wr's needs to step up or Austin Pettis does.  If that doesn't happen the Rams most likely need to draft another wide receiver.  Trading is probably not a good option since the Rams need to keep the good players they have.

2. Rams Do Better With Less

Once again the Rams had less possession time of the ball than their opponent and once again they managed to squeak by with a win.  It seems like the more time the Rams have with the ball the better the chances are that they'll fumble the ball.  It could also be that the defense knows how to intimidate the opposing offense.  Perhaps it's a combination of both.

3. Rams Now Great Second Half Team

Last season the Rams seemed to start off hot but they couldn't seem to seal the deal.  This season things are turning around and the Rams are having better second halves than first halves.

4. Bills Bag Ball

For the 3rd time in four weeks the Bills have dominated the ball.  They've won 2 out of 4 of their last games.  They've lost both games by a touchdown or less.

5. Bills 4th Down Drama

For the 3rd week in a row the Bills are 0-0 at 4th down.  It's hard to tell why but it could be because their opponents were better defensive teams.