This wasn’t a pretty ballgame.

While the Raiders appeared to be a team that could do no wrong running the football, it really wasn’t a great game. For the second straight week, the Jaguars looked inept trying to score. The defense held the Raiders to 19 points and the team scored its first touchdown of the season, but there is still so much work to do.

Let the talk about the first pick in the draft and the Tim Tebow talk continue from national media circles because we all know it’s coming.

And if someone could explain to me how it is only in the closing moments of a game that these Jacksonville Jaguars resemble a true offensive team, I would greatly appreciate it.

Chad Henne is not the answer, yet

But his play was better than the “starter” Blaine Gabbert. Henne was 25 of 38 for 241 yards and a touchdown. He did not throw an interception. Henne looked rushed and the line did not protect him like it should have. Did the turf have something to do with it?

Henne was better in the hurry-up offense at the end of the game when it looked like the team had a purpose.

Cecil Shorts caught eight passes for 93 yards. Ace Sanders caught five passes for 64 yards.

Darren McFadden was a terror

The Jaguars made him look like Gayle Sayers. McFadden is in a contract year and has been plagued by injuries throughout his professional career. Sunday afternoon, he run though the Jaguars defense, gaining 129 yards on 19 carries. He did not score, but he proved a point that he is healthy and he and Terrelle Pryor could be a very young and talented tandem in years to come.

MJD injury a concern

He sprained his left ankle in the second quarter and did not return. A return to the scene of the crime. Remember MJD suffered his foot injury here last season and did not return all season. Could the visit to the west coast be a true omen (a bad one) for the running back.

It looked like MJD caught his foot in the sod and turned the ankle. First reports were he would return to action. He did not play again. And with that, the questions begin about his ankle, playing time, future this season and career in Jacksonville.

A new tight end found

Clay Harbour may have finally become the tight end replacement for Marcedes Lewis.

The former Philadelphia Eagles tight end was signed days before the start of the regular season looks like the real deal. He had three catches for 34 yards and a score late in the game, but looks athletic and strong and can catch the ball across the middle.

Will he be used more in the Jaguars’ offense?

Seattle will beat the Jaguars up

Like a bully on the school playground, the Seattle Seahawks must be licking their chops. I hate to see what the line for this game will be.

The Jaguars will need to use the hurry-up offense in triplicate to make sure that they can stay alive and upright next week in Seattle.

What will Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch and the receivers on this team have in store for Gus Bradley’s former team?