In a game at chilly Lambeau Field, the inclimate weather should help the Packers and hurt the Raiders.  Well, most everything leans to the Packers advantage.  So, the reasons to watch starts with an undefeated season on the line.  Other than that, you can expect lots of touchdowns and big Fantasy Football implications.  Here are three things you should expect to see Sunday:
3 - Another Aaron Rodgers show
With the Raiders having one of the worst defenses in the league, don’t expect that to change against the potent Packer offense.  Oakland made Matt Moore and Reggie Bush look like an All-Pro’s last week.  So, Rodgers should pick apart their weak secondary.  Expect another three or more touchdowns and 300 to 400 yard performance for Mr. Rodgers.  This should also eliminate a field position battle, if the Packers only punt a few times all game. 
2 - Ups and downs for Oakland
The up and down will be led by Carson Palmer’s efforts.  He should have plenty of yards (playing from behind), maybe a touchdown or two, but I think a couple of interceptions as well.  Michael Bush is not Darren McFadden, so I don’t think he will put up those numbers. However, with the Packers defense still getting things together, if you’re on the fence in fantasy with a Raider, start them.  Should be a decent day for Bush, Heyward-Bay, Moore, Ford & Janikowski.    
1 - Expect more of the same
Oakland will continue their downward spiral after a disappointing loss in Miami last week.  Don’t expect a miracle in Green Bay Sunday afternoon.  The Packers will also continue, in the opposite direction.  So more of their offensive clinics, one more week with the defense taking better shape and most importantly, another win.  
My Prediction and Fantasy Forecast
Packers win 42-24
Raiders- 330 total yards / 3 TD/ 2 turnovers
Packers- 470 total yards / 5 TD/ 0 turnovers
Defense/ ST-
Raiders- 60 return yds / 0 Int / 0 fum
Packers- 70 return yds / 2 Int / 0 fum
Palmer: 220 pass yds/ 5 rush yds/ 2 pass TD/ 0 rush TD/ 2 Int/ 0 fum
Rodgers: 380 pass yds/ 20 rush yds/ 4 pass TD/ 1 rush TD/ 0 Int/ 0 fum
Running Backs-
Bush: 85 rush yds/ 20 rec yds/ 1 TD/ 0 fum
Grant: 70 rush yds/ 10 rec yds/ 1 TD/ 0 fum
Wide Receivers-
Heyward-Bay: 50 rec yds/ 0 rush yds/ 1 TD/ 0 fum
Ford: 70 rec yds/ 0 rush yds/ 0 TD/ 0 fum 
Jennings: 110 rec yds/ 10 rush yds/ 1 TD/ 0 fum
Nelson: 80 rec yds/ 0 rush yds/ 1 TD/ 0 fum
Myers: 20 rec yds/ 0 rush yds/ 0 TD/ 0 fum
Finley: 75 rec yds/ 0 rush yds/ 2 TD/ 0 fum