By Brandon Burnett (@B_Burnett49er)
Cold Hard Football Facts' Power Ranger

Were you a bit surprised that the Seattle Seahawks, once seemingly incapable of winning meaningful road games, went into Washington and slaughtered the Hogs in the wildcard round? 

We weren't. 

You see, the Quality Stats Power Rankings here at Cold, Hard Football Facts rarely steer us wrong. In fact, just as is the case this season, they're often deadly accurate. How accurate you ask? Well, let's take a quick look.

First, remember that our Power Rankings are not your normal power rankings in that they are not based on opinion whatsoever. The CHFF rankings place each NFL team from No. 1 to No. 32 based upon their average ranking across the board in each of our Quality Stats, each of which has a direct correlation to winning football games. 

Now, take a quick look and you'll notice each of the Top 7 teams in our Power Rankings remain in the hunt for Super Bowl glory. Only the Baltimore Ravens (No. 11) sit outside the Top 8. In the wildcard round, all four of the higher-ranked teams defeated their lower-ranked counterparts. 

It's no coincidence. 

The Seahawks (No. 1) knocked off the Redskins (No. 7) with relative ease, and did so on the road. The Packers (No. 3) made quick work of the Vikings (No. 16) at Lambeau Field Saturday night. The Texans (No. 7) disposed of the Bengals (No. 9) and Baltimore (No. 11) put a hurtin' on Indy (No. 25). 

That's good news this week for Seattle, Green Bay, Denver and New England, each of whom face lower-ranked teams in the divisional round. 

The NFL is an unpredictable world, but our Quality Stats Power Rankings seem to have it all figured out.