A few days ago the New York Jets decided not to work with HBO's "Hard Knocks" this season.

Speculation has run rampant that the team was likely concerned about quarterback controversy and how the players would take the added pressure. There has been some discussion that Rex Ryan has already decided to switch to Tim Tebow as the starting quarterback and they want to give him as little pressure as possible to make the transition.

These ideas are smoke screens.

This would not be the first time the team was associated with "Hard Knocks", it would be the second... In a row. Do you honestly believe that there is somehow more pressure for the team this year than there was last year? If anything, this season would be anticlimactic. After all, it is the same coach, the same system, and many of the same players.

As for Tim Tebow and his poor and brittle psyche, come on! Really???!!! Tim Tebow has been polarizing since college. While he is familiar with fan worship, he also regularly basks in the glow of burning fan hatred. New York may be more intense when compared with another city, but not against the entire country. He has been consistently been showered with boos both from fans and from media. He has been cursed, chided, screamed at, belittled, mocked, spit on, and doused with beer... and that's just from the press box. Are you now honestly expecting us to believe that we are protecting this innocent little boy so the mean nasty town won't hurt his feelings? 

Make no mistake, the Jets do not care what anyone else thinks. They have a plan for the upcoming season and it doesn't involve babying a group of professional football players so that they will be able to work together. If that was the case, they never would have allowed HBO in last year and would not have even considered it this year.

Some will claim the show was a distraction. And trading for Tim Tebow isn't?

No, the answer is simple. The Jets aren't as concerned about the public or controversy as they are about the rest of the teams in the league finding out what they are really up to. If the Jets are going to pull off the coup of the ages, they are going to need practice... a lot of practice. And they need other teams to be oblivious for as long as possible. They can't do that with a camera crew rolling. The secret would inevitably leak out. At the same time, they can't look as though they are preparing something, or teams will try to find out what.

So the New York Jets said they would love to be in "Hard Knocks" again. But after weeks of debate and decision, they reluctantly had to decline. They appear to have nothing to hide, they just want to do it for the good of the team.

All the while, the Jets are preparing to pull a fast one.