Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder has brought “sexy back” to the Big 12. 

“Sexy back” or old school football has returned to today’s game.  Collin Klein is a throwback quarterback-tough, gritty, hardnosed….old school.  Together, Klein and Snyder have inserted Wildcats into the national title conversation. 

After dismantling West Virginia 55-14 on national television, Kansas State has proven to the nation that they are one of the top teams in the country. 

Move over Alabama!

Step aside Oregon!

Look out Florida!

Kansas State is on the prowl and they WANT to be in the national spotlight. 

Who should be considered for the Heisman now? 

It seems like a long time that we were praising Geno Smith after he torched Baylor for nearly 700 yards and 8 touchdowns.  For the second straight week, Smith has looked nothing like a Heisman candidate or even a top Big 12 quarterback.  He has been exposed as being an overrated quarterback in a pass happy system that generates video game statistics. 

Although Collin Klein numbers don’t wow you and jump out at the screen, all he does is WIN and the folks in Manhattan haven’t been this happy since Michael Bishop was the quarterback under guess who?

Bill Snyder. 

Against West Virginia, Klein completed 90% of his passes, threw for 323 yards and tossed 3 touchdown passes.  Impressive!

Meanwhile, his Heisman counterpart, Mr. Geno Smith, was frustrated the whole night.  When the television camera focused on Geno, you saw a confused and very sad young man.  The shadow of doubt was clearly casted over him and I can only imagine what he was saying to himself.  How about this?

“How can this happen to me in back to back weeks?”

His stats against the Wildcats-- a dreadful 21 for 32 143 yards, 1 touchdown and 2 interceptions.  After leading his team to 70 points, Geno’s offense has only managed to score 28 points combined in two weeks. 

So I ask you, who should be considered for the Heisman now? 

If the Heisman is based on the best overall college football player, Klein has to be in the conversation.  I know DeAnthony Thomas is getting the publicity out in Eugene, but if you take him off of the Ducks, Oregon is still undefeated.  Take Klein off of Kansas State and the Wildcats are an average team. 

If Kansas State can win out and hopes that Alabama, Florida and Oregon suffers a fluke loss, you could see them playing for the national championship.  Next week, they have a big game at home against a red hot Texas Tech squad who dismantled West Virginia as well. 

As a football fan, it is good to see old school football return.  I’m not sure if Collin Klein will ever play in the NFL, but I can tell you this, if I were a college football coach, I would live and die with this young man.  He is tough, and is a flat out winner who doesn’t make mistakes and besides beating you with his arm and legs, Klein can beat you with his mind.  He is one of the most savvy quarterbacks in college football. 

The sexiness of old school football has returned to college football.  You better get used to it.