The 2013 season for the Washington Redskins was one to forget in a number of different ways. The Redskins had to deal with the issues of star quarterback Robert Griffin 3 coming back off a severe knee injury, along with turmoil within the organization regarding coaches, management and star players on the roster.

The Redskins went 3-13 last year, including 0-6 against teams within their division, the NFC East. The Redskins were never in serious contention at any point during the 2013 season due to injuries and a tough schedule. Washington will certainly need Griffin to stay healthy if they want to return to a contending form in 2014.

Washington this year will be playing under first year Head Coach Jay Gruden in 2014. Gruden was hired this offseason after the firing of former Head Coach Mike  Shanahan. Shanahan reportedly had issues with the offense that was built around Griffin and even questioned the play calling of his son and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan.

The 2014 season will be a new era in Redskins’ football now that they have a young and energetic Head Coach in Gruden. Gruden is the younger brother of former Super Bowl winning coach and current ESPN Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden. Jon Gruden has been seen at Redskins’ offseason camps and will certainly be a great voice for his younger brother Jay as he enters his first year as an NFL head coach.

The Redskins have had a crazy offseason to say the least and most of the issues have come off the field. The drama surrounding the teams’ logo and team name the “Redskins” has been in the headlines more than ever as of late. The team is surely going to have to answer a lot of questions about this controversy and hopefully it won’t be a distraction as the season progresses.

The obvious key to the season is the health of Griffin 3 and the chemistry that the team will develop with their new Head Coach Jay Gruden. The Redskins signed former Browns’ and 49ers’ quarterback Colt McCoy this offseason as an insurance plan for Griffin and his history of injuries. The Redskins also have quarterback Kirk Cousins as a backup to Griffin as well, so the Redskins will have depth at quarterback in case of any reoccurring injuries to Griffin during the 2014 season.

Here is a look at the 2014 Washington Redskins’ schedule and how I see them doing in each of their 16 regular season games. The Redskins are one of the NFL’s great mysteries entering the 2014 season because of the uncertainty with Griffin’s health and first time NFL Head Coach Jay Gruden. If the Redskins can find that magic formula they had in 2012 with Griffin leading the way then the sky is the limit for this Redskins’ team.

Week 1- Washington Redskins @ Houston Texans- Houston Texans win

Week 2- Jacksonville Jaguars @ Washington Redskins- Washington Redskins win

Week 3- Washington Redskins @ Philadelphia Eagles- Philadelphia Eagles win

Week 4- New York Giants @ Washington Redskins- New York Giants win

Week 5- Seattle Seahawks @ Washington Redskins- Seattle Seahawks win

Week 6- Washington Redskins @ Arizona Cardinals- Arizona Cardinals win

Week 7- Tennessee Titans @ Washington Redskins- Washington Redskins win

Week 8- Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys- Dallas Cowboys win

Week 9- Washington Redskins @ Minnesota Vikings- Washington Redskins win

Week 10- Bye Week

Week 11- Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Washington Redskins- Washington Redskins win

Week 12- Washington Redskins @ San Francisco 49ers- San Francisco 49ers win

Week 13- Washington Redskins @ Indianapolis Colts- Indianapolis Colts win

Week 14- St. Louis Rams @ Washington Redskins- Washington Redskins win

Week 15- Washington Redskins @ New York Giants- New York Giants win

Week 16- Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins- Philadelphia Eagles win

Week 17- Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins- Washington Redskins win

So, after examining the 2014 Washington Redskins’ schedule I see them finishing with a 6-10 record. I know this is a huge disappointment with the expectations of Washington fans, but with the uncertainty of Griffin and the new coaching staff it’s hard to see a competitive team for the Redskins in 2014.

The Redskins would double their win total from three in 2013 to six in 2014, which would be a nice improvement in a historically tough NFC East division. The schedule is very tough this year for Washington with road games against the 49ers, Colts and Cardinals. Combine those three tough road games with road games against their division rivals Eagles, Cowboys and Giants and you find one of the toughest schedules in all of the NFL during 2014.

The 2014 season for Washington will be intriguing as they look to get back on the winning tracks. The Redskins have the talent at key positions to make some noise in the future if everything works out the way they hope it does. Gruden may have a tough first season in Washington, but the key will be for the Redskins to stick with him for several seasons before rushing to any judgments about him as a coach. The season is quickly approaching and so is the pressure that Washington will be facing in 2014.