Top five Kickers
  1. Sebastian Janikowski: No doubt about it, Janikowski is the best kicker in the NFL. Still, the fact that he was drafted in the first round was foolish at best. I don’t care how good a kicker is, a first round pick is for your starting QB, WR, RB, etc. Not to mention you find solid talent in free agency.  Seabass set a league record by attempting over 10 kicks over 50 yards and making seven of them. Inside the 40 he was perfect and inside the 50 only one miss. That’s a great kicker.
  2. Matt Bryant: Bryant only missed two kicks all year and made every attempt outside of 50 yards. He made over 93 percent of his kicks and that is just amazing; clearly one of the best kickers in the league. Bryant has the advantage of playing in a dome of more than half of his games. This guy is clearly talented no matter where he is kicking. I don’t see his production faltering outdoors more than any other kicker.
  3. David Akers: Before you react, I’m not rating Akers on simply last year and if I was, he would be No. 2. You have to remember his time in Philly and why he was let go. In the playoff game vs. the Packers his two missed kicks, ultimately costing the Eagles the game and possibly a Super Bowl trip.  Last year Akers made 90 percent of his kicks and hopefully for the 49ers he can stay on that course and continue his play from last year. 49ers fans beware; if he starts investing money again trade him ASAP.
  4. Rob Bironas: Bironas only missed three kicks all year. This is clearly the guy you want kicking after a drive stalls. He is average when it comes to kick offs. The Titans would prefer to have the kicker who can nail all but three kicks, rather then a touchback every kick off.
  5. Dan Bailey: He made over 86 percent of his kicks and is great inside the 40 going 20 for 21. He also has no issues kicking the bombs; he can nail those long kicks from 50+ yards. Where Bailey struggles is in the clutch, you don’t want the playoffs or the game riding on this guy’s leg. I was very on edge about putting Bailey on this list but he made the cut.
Honorable mentions

Stephen Gostkowski: Gostkoski is a great kick off specialist and his hang time was over 5 seconds, second best in the league. Brady and company scored so often that he didn’t get to show off his leg too much, but went 9 for 11 between the 40 and 50.

Nick Novak: Novak went 15 for 16 inside the 40 yard line but struggles deeper than the 40.

Josh Scobee: The only knock on Scobee’s game was that his offense just didn’t give him enough opportunities. He did get to prove his leg strength as the Jag’s let him kick long distance.

Lawrence Tynes: Tynes isn’t the best kicker when it comes to long distance kicks, but the Giants don’t like to try long kicks. He is nothing short of amazing when it comes to clutch kicks; he has kicked the Giants into the Super Bowl twice. Tynes is the most underrated kicker in the NFL, but he is a perfect fit for the Giants. 

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