THE PROBLEM: Justin Blackmon is not the solution at wide receiver.

As painful as wasting a first-round draft pick might sound, the Jaguars should cut their losses and get rid of wide receiver Justin Blackmon.  With his second DUI, it’s clear that he’s heading down a troubled road like Pac- Man Jones and Dez Bryant did.  Additionally, Blackmon’s ongoing contract holdout places the Jaguars in a precarious position.

Jacksonville will not restructure the contract of their franchise player and league rushing champion, Maurice Jones-Drew, so what makes Blackmon think he will get the deal he wants?  It does not matter if you are the franchise player, new owner Shahid Khan is running a strict business.  The Jaguars can save themselves long-term heartache by doing what the Oakland Raiders should have done with JaMarcus Russell back in 2007-- let go of their first-round pick.

THE SOLUTION: Plaxico Burress and company to the rescue!

One solution to Jacksonville’s issues would be to add veteran wideout Plaxico Burress.  To complement Burress on the other side of the field, the Jaguars should pick up Terrell Owens.  With Burress and Owens, the Jaguars would add two quality, experienced wide receivers at a very nominal price.  (In Jacksonville, T.O. can be himself and throw as many tantrums as he wants-- nobody would care.)

Additionally, with MJD’s holdout status and possible future frustrations, Jacksonville should sign running back Cedric Benson.  Several teams are moving towards the running back by committee format.  This move would also help both Jones-Drew and Benson stay healthy since they would be sharing the load.  However, if MJD wanted to sit at home this season, Benson is more than capable of starting and being Jacksonville's every-down back.

Quarterback Blaine Gabbert is a talented, young player.  He will be under the new leadership of Matt Mularkey, who helped develop Matt Ryan in Atlanta.  Also, by surrounding Gabbert with weapons like Burress, Owens, and Benson, it would take pressure off of his shoulders and help his game flow better.

The Jaguars can acquire three experienced veterans for the price of one unproven rookie.  For Jacksonville’s franchise, this would create the short-term buzz the city needs to fill seats and get the team back to winning games.  These three key additions would help Jacksonville contend for the AFC South.