Plaxico Burress is still unsigned.  Here are five teams who might sign Burress and two teams who shouldn’t.

The troubled wide receiver is looking at a one year deal and might not get one until later in training camp. I would think a coach will wait until either an injury occurs or a newly drafted player doesn’t seem to be catching on.

Texans: The Texans only have one veteran WR on this team and he may be among the best in the league, however he can’t do it all alone. Burress may not be able to stretch the field like he used to but can you imagine the red zone threat of Andre Johnson and Plaxico Burress on the outside? This move would make Houston one of the best red zone teams in the NFL but is the attitude worth the risk? I think the Texans have to sign a veteran WR and it doesn’t matter if it’s Burress or someone else, but if Johnson goes down early, this team could be in trouble.

Bills: The Bills lack a receiver to play alongside Stevie Johnson. The Bills have a great running game and adding a threat like Burress to the mix could make the Bills one of the best red zone teams in the league. The Bills are clearly trying to win now and it’s hard to win without a legitimate number two wide out on your squad. The risk in this case is worth the reward since the best case could be the Bills first playoff trip in a decade with the worst case being cutting Burress if he has a negative impact on Johnson.

Panthers: Cam Newton had one weapon last year other than his feet of course, and that was Steve Smith. Teams simply are going to take away Smith with a double team and assign a shadow for Newton. The Panthers are going to have to get more production from their number two wide out. Burress would give Newton a big body target that can fight for the ball and would really make this team hard to defend in the red zone. I have a ton of respect for what Newton did last year, but nothing evolves faster than a NFL defense, the Panther’s can’t rely on what worked last year if they want to contend in the NFC south.

Vikings: The Vikings need to give young Christian Ponder someone he can target early and often.  The Vikings only had one receiver go over 469 yards last year and that player was injury prone Percy Harvin. Those migraines might become a Christian Ponder issue if he doesn’t have suitable receiving corps to throw to while trying to keep up with Rodgers and Stafford. I’m not suggesting a long term fix but Burress can fill the gap until you can draft someone next year who is ready to be a starter for Ponder year after year. Just having a go to guy in the red zone could really help Ponders game after the addition made Mark Sanchez lead one of the best red zone offensive units last year.

Jets: Holmes has a rib injury and the Jets have no other veteran presence at the position. The Jets might not want to bring back Burress, but they might have to if Hill doesn’t develop quickly. The run game has not been very productive so far in training camp, the Jets will have to be able to pass the ball in 2012. Mike Tannebaum has made a name for himself when it comes to trades, so he may already have his eye on someone whom isn’t a free agent.

Here are two teams that have been passed around by the media as a possibility. I added them below but I don’t see this happening and here’s why.

Cowboys: The Cowboys have their two starting wide outs, albeit one of them is injury prone. Burress would be a good backup from a player perspective but Dallas is already suffering from an identity crisis, do they really need to add cheddar bob to the mix? If the Cowboys believe they can keep Dez Brant in check with a shining example of what not to do in a night club, this could work out but there’s too much risk on this one and I would pass. Sometimes you have to do a risk assessment. Best case what, you win 11 games, worst case, Plax has a negative impact on Dez Bryant whom is already out of control and helps end his career with negative influence.

Miami: They could use some help at Wide Receiver after releasing Chad Johnson. I think this might hurt the chemistry of the team but they were desperate enough to sign Chad Johnson. 

Thank you for reading and let me know what you think on where Plaxico should sign.