Wheaton We haven't got to see Markus Wheaton practice with his new team yet because of the NFL rules which prohibits new draftees practicing with their teams while their school is still in session.

Regardless, Wheaton will probably fit in very well and will dominate as a starter opposite of Antonio Brown.

What's not to love about him? He's tough, he's fast, he's big, he runs routes well, his hands a sticky, and he'll be able to burn out defenders.

He's the most logical replacement for Mike Wallace because he'll fill the shoes that he left behind.

What are his obstacles? Well, Wheaton will have to fight for his starting spot against Plaxico Burress and Jerricho Cotchery.

This first-team All-Pac-12 player will beat out Cotchery for sure but may have some issues against Plaxico, who is a former Super Bowl winner and towers over Wheaton in size and experience. My guess is, as long as Plaxico can show he can still be a primary receiver, he may win the starting job, but not for too long.

Some plays in the Steelers' offensive playbook were meant for a Wallace-type player and that is who the Steelers have in this Oregon State wideout. However, let's not forget that Wheaton is very versatile. In college he played wideout, ran the ball, and returned kicks and punts.

Also, it's hard to judge character on some of these rookies before they let the fame and money get to their heads, but Wheaton seems to be a character with a humble background and appreciates the opportunity he has been presented.

I think many people around the league will like this kid as a person, but dislike him when he's running all over their favorite team's defense.

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