Terrelle PryorBoth the Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders are currently 2-4 for the season, so this week's matchup is crucial to both of their season aspirations, a 3-4 record is considerably better than a 2-5.

What will happen in the Week 8 game?

Here are three bold predictions as well as my guess for the final score. 

No. 1: Ben Roethlisberger will throw 300 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Roethlisberger has been great for the Steelers over the past two weeks, and is has meant the Steelers have won their last two games. The key to this improved form is reducing the turnovers, in fact zero turnovers in the last two wins against the New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens from Big Ben.

Facing an Oakland defense ranked 16th overall against the pass, Roethlisberger should have a great game, despite the presence of the great Charles Woodson.

No. 2: Terrelle Pryor will have 150 passing yards and 100 rushing yards.

The Raiders' quarterback has been a bright spark for a relatively poor team, the problem has been finding consistency in his play. Look at the difference between the San Diego and Kansas games for comfirmation of this, Pryor's quarterback rating was a great 135.7 against the Chargers and a poor 45.7 against the Chiefs, the infamous nine-sack game. Coming off the bye week a refreshed Pryor has the potential to do damage both with his arm and with his legs.

No. 3: Both these teams will make the playoffs.

I've already discussed the ease of the Steelers' schedule in previous articles, to summarize they could win every remaining game bar two. The Raiders' toughest games are against the Broncos and another game against the Chiefs, the rest are winnable for a Raiders team led by Pryor, that is if he stays healthy.

My prediction for the Steelers-Raiders game: 28-20 to the Steelers. Pittsburgh are improving and you don't know what Terrelle Pryor will turn up, the great or the ugly.