Jarvis Jones The Steelers have not had the best offseason this year. In fact, they have had one of their worst. 

Pittsburgh has lost key players this offseason including wide receiver Mike Wallace, linebacker James Harrison, cornerback Keenan Lewis, and safety Ryan Mundy and Will Allen. 

They also lost Rashard Mendenhall during the offseason unfortunately.

If Pittsburgh is going to do anything this year, they will need a replacement for James Harrison.

The other huge replacement the Steelers will need is an outside linebacker to replace James Harrison. Jason Worilds is the backup to Harrison but he just isn’t the answer.

He does not have enough playing time and is not an experienced Linebacker -- now that the Steelers have gotten Jarvis Jones, many NFL sources have said that Jones and Worilds will have to fight for the job during training camp and into the preseason. Sources said this will just not be a giveaway to another player and they want the best player to replace James Harrison in regular season games.

Pittsburgh also needs to get a new wide receiver since they lost Mike Wallace. Steve Breaston would be a good addition for Pittsburgh. He is a fast receiver and he is also a good kickoff returner.

He knows Todd Haley very well since they were together in Kansas City before Haley got fired. He is slated to meet with the Steelers in the upcoming weeks even though he met up with them about four months ago. Breaston would also likely be able to do kick returns. I think he will be a good fit because he will be a great kick returner which the Steelers do not have and he could be a receiver that maybe I think Ben Roethlisberger could rely on!

In conclusion, the Steelers will need cap space to sign these players. Willie Colon is being released soon and that will clear up $5.5 million of cap space. That should be enough to sign at least two of those players. Let’s all hope that the Steelers sign some of these players during this offseason!