Tyler Eifert We've covered two of our five prospects so far in Johnathan Hankins and Chance Warmack.

Now we focus our efforts on a position that lacked depth over the year at a position where offensive coordinator, Todd Haley, loves to throw the ball to so often.

The tight end postion, a versatile much-needed position.

Your tight end can help with both the run game, as well as the pass game. They can slide in and help block or can get down field for that much-needed yard.

A typical tight end is usually taller than 6'3" and above 230 pounds. They aren't afraid to go up for a ball when entering the middle of the field, and can hit the outside for a sideline catch. 

Tyler Eifert is a a physical specimen at the tight end position. Standing at 6'6'' and 250 pounds, Eifert causes mismatches with safeties and linebackers. He is quick for his size and has great hands.

Tyler Eifert got the starting nod after Kyle Rudolph, another first round product, was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in 2010. In two years as the starter, Eifert amassed 1,488 yards and nine touchdowns. 

Eifert could be great in a backup role behind Steelers tight end, Heath Miller. Miller tore both his ACL and MCL in Week a 16 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. The depth that Pittsburgh had behind Heath was slim and not very talented. Tyler Eifert could be the insurance policy the Pittsburgh Steelers are looking for.

The Steelers could potentially trade out of pick 17 and still acquire Tyler Eifert with a later pick. This would be good for the team to pick up depth at the tight end position and grab some extra picks in the process.