If you tuned in to our first edition of "Pittsburgh Steelers: 2013 NFL Draft Prospect Profiles" you saw a dominating defensive lineman by the name of Johnathan Hankins. Let's take it to the opposing side of "Big Hank" where we have an Alabama Offensive Guard by the name of Chance Warmack. 

Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama

Chance Warmack stands at 6'2'' and 325 pounds. Warmack is the underrated lineman of the bunch, but has seen action since the fifth game of the season during his first season as a true freshman. He has a total of 40 starts in his career and is quickly finding his way up the Draft board. With a solid Combine and Pro-Day Workout, Chance Warmack could find himself being called long before the Steelers hit the podium.

Warmack's strengths are predominantly in the run game. He has excellent ability to get in to the second level and make that needed block that an Offensive Guard is needed to do to make the run game a success. He is light on his feet and has good pass blocking ability. Although scouts see his arm length as a disadvantage in the pass game in the NFL, he still gets the job done.

Of Chance Warmack's weaknesses the one that stands out to NFL scouts the most is his size. Him being 6'2'' in the NFL makes him a smaller lineman. He would be drafted as an interior lineman and would probably only see work at guard in his career. He does not receive the recognition that his two line mates, Barrett Jones and D.J. Fluker, do but seem to be far more along in his development than the two. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers saw another Offensive Guard in David DeCastro fall to them in last years draft when he was as well expected to go earlier in the first round. Why would the Steelers draft another Offensive Guard after drafting one last year you ask? Let's take a look:

  • The Guard position opposite of David DeCastro is currently occupied by Willie Colon.
  • Colon, 29, has been with the Steelers for 7 years and never really caught on at the tackle position. The Steelers plugged him in opposite of DeCastro and saw instant improvement in Willie Colon's game.
  • Only problem with Colon is he is prone to injury and was out practically all of the 2012 season. He is slated to make over $7.5 million on a team that is going to be doomed by its salary cap in 2013. They can't afford to take that risk with a player that is taking up so much salary space

Chance Warmack could fill in immediately and would be a perfect solution for Willie Colon. Now what the Steelers would or could do with Colon after that is another story for a different day. If the Pittsburgh Steelers are sitting at pick 17 and Chance Warmack is still on the board you could hear  his name called this 2013 NFL Draft.