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Following the Giants' Week 9 victory over the Patriots, Eli Manning was ordained one of the league's elite by the pundits. While the comeback victory was a watershed moment for the talking heads, it still represented one game. As pointed out in Pigskin Detention several days later, if the win had come against the Chiefs or Seahawks, it would have been a "good win for Eli and the Giants." Eli's body of work before and after the Week 9 game had and has a lot more bearing on his status amongst his peers, but there is no doubt Manning is one of the top quarterbacks in the game today. 

Just to be sure, the Eli Elite bandwagon has circled and added a few more chariots. 

From the Associated Press: "Eli Manning shows who the 'elite' quarterback is now". Yeah, Manning has proven his preseason words correct - he is in the same class as Tom Brady. He's also fascinating to watch because he's Peyton's baby brother. In three weeks, he might have one more Super Bowl ring than big brother making all of big brother's statistical accolades over the years somewhat moot.

Adam Schefter, ESPN: "Eli Manning is elite". You can only read that if you have a subscription to ESPN Insider. Man, nothing is more annoying than having to pay for Adam Schefter's words. 

The Business Insider publication says: "Sports Chart of the Day: Eli Manning now one of NFL's Elite Quartebacks". The Business Insider has pretty reasonable explanations for their title, too: "If we consider the top quarterbacks in the NFL (Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady), Eli's career now compares quite favorably to that group. Based on Adjusted Yards per Attempt (Yds/Att adjusted for interceptions; see below) Eli's numbers look almost identical to the other QBs at the same age, including his brother. And while Peyton was trending down at age 30, Eli is getting better. And if we then consider that the New York Giants have won six of their last seven playoff games, it is hard to argue against Eli's place among the best.
Eli may not have been there prior to the season, but he is there now..."

The Los Angeles Times"No more debate necessary: Eli Manning is an elite quarterback."

Perhaps the most damning evidence that Eli is one of the league's top quarterbacks is the fact that the Pigskin Detention offices are about to do something we never thought we'd do: agree with and link to a story written by Mike Lupica. Lupica's story - "Led by the elite Eli Manning, NY Giants victory over Green Bay Packers shows Super Bowl stars aligning for Big Blue". Indeed. 

And with that, Pigskin Detention has jumped the shark by sharing the news published by the smarmy one, Mike Lupica. Oh well. Eli's play is deserving of such a cosmic change in the sports stratosphere.


Eminem is a big fan of Al Michaels, according to Eminem in GQ Magazine

"As far as analysts go, I'm cool with most of them. When it comes to calling a game, though, Al Michaels is my favorite. By far. C'mon, everybody misses John Madden. It sucks that he's retired, but at least we've still got Michaels. He is the last of the true icons still calling games. Just hearing his voice, it's nostalgic, man. It brings you back to when you were a little kid. His voice is ill. I don't know how long Al Michaels plans on doing the Sunday night games for NBC, but if he retired tomorrow, it would really fu##ing suck."

To hammer home his point of affection for Michaels, Eminmen did the interview while wearing a skin tight, aqua-blue 1980 sweater*, as glamorlously worn by Michaels and his broadcast colleague at the Miracle on Ice, Ken Dryden.

I would wear it too, if I had one. Those are freaking awesome.

*Eminem may or may not have worn a tight blue sweater during the interview. 


Pretty much everyone other than referee Bill Leavy ruled that Greg Jennings fumbled the football in the first half of Sunday's divisional round game between the Giants and Packers. As it turns out, here's what Leavy saw during the replay review, which ultimately kept the ball in the Packers' possession and led to their first touchdown of the game. 

Easy to get sidetracked when Tom and Jerry comes on the tube. 


Big change from last week's Commodity rankings. Tebow has been thwarted. Numbers represent hours spent speaking and or exploiting commodity (in millions), in public or private. Rankings are also unscientific and unfounded unless otherwise noted.

Heaven help us if the Super Bowl is a Harbaugh Bowl. It will tarnish the Super Bowl with more whining and yapping than any Super Bowl in history, give or take a halftime wardrobe malfunction.


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