It seems like the typical upset of the week is choosing the opponent of Green Bay Packers to end their perfect season. This week, some have chosen the New York Giants to keep their playoff hopes alive by shoving the big bully to the ground. But surely, any such claim would romanticize New York's ability and directly contradicts the prophecy


But if the Giants are not the pick of the week, there must be an upset. If everything that everybody expected to happen, happened, there would be no point in watching football. There are always upsets, no matter how minute. 


Several weeks ago, I believe in the days before the Miami Dolphins' match against the New York Jets, Miami halfback Reggie Bush regarded his winless team, "We suck." 


Since that time, any associates of the Dolphins with bad teams have rendered false. I am guilty of maintaining early season associations, because I started the Buffalo defense against the Miami Dolphins in week eleven. Needless to say, I lost that game. 


Matt Moore, Reggie Bush, Brandon Marshall, and this team as a whole have looked incredibly competent, and that is why I choose them to defeat the Oakland Raiders this Sunday.


Many people might compare seasonal statistics and say "No! Michael Bush is going to rush for 127 yards and score three touchdowns according to my math!" But math cannot account for the sudden emergence of inspiration and the complete turnaround that the Miami Dolphins had. 


With the Denver Broncos right on their heels, some might argue that the Oakland Raiders want and need this victory more than the Miami Dolphins do. But desire cannot account for the elements which will cause them to lose. 


Carson Palmer is an experience quarterback, but he is still new the Oakland offense. Their greatest threat is their ground game, and even that is not in full swing because Michael Bush is playing instead of their star Darren McFadden. 


Miami is going to get out to an early lead and force Oakland to betray their gameplan and go to the air. In this, Bush will be neutralized. Miami will not only win, but win handily.