Norv Turner Ever since he was drafted in 2004, San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers has always had great expectations placed on him and made headlines.

Rivers was selected No. 4 overall in the 2004 Draft by the New York Giants only to be traded to the Chargers for No. 1 overall pick Eli Manning.

Manning was clearly not happy being drafted by the Chargers, and pretty much forced the Chargers to trade him.

This was the first Draft since 1983 when John Elway made the Colts to trade him that a top pick really controlled where he was going to play.

The trade has worked out great for the Giants and Manning now with two Super Bowl rings.

Things have not been so good for Rivers and the Chargers. After sitting on the bench his first two seasons behind Drew Brees, Rivers became the regular starter in 2006 after Brees split for New Orleans.

Rivers managed to find instant success in the regular season after becoming a starter taking the Chargers to the playoffs his first four seasons from 2006-2009. It's when the playoffs would begin is where Rivers would struggle. Out of those four years, he only took the Chargers to the AFC Championship once in 2007 where he eventually lost to Tom Brady and the History making Patriots.

He has two one-and-done and a second-round loss in his other three games.

Since 2009 Rivers and the Chargers' playoff struggles have spilled over into the regular season missing the playoffs each of the last two seasons. This season is no different with the Chargers sporting an unhealthy 4-8 record. They are 1-7 in their last eight games and pose no real threat to a damaged Steelers team this Sunday in Pittsburgh.

Rivers and Chargers head coach Norv Turner were already facing tough questions entering the season about the teams future. With the Denver Broncos already winning the AFC West with a 9-3 record. Turner is almost guaranteed to be looking for a job at season's end.

With having his head coach's future in his hands' Rivers has done little putting up a case for the Chargers to keep Turner. So far this season Rivers has completed 65 percent of his passes which is on mark for him, but for some reason instead of throwing touchdowns (18) he is throwing more interceptions (15).

Rivers This is the second year now that Rivers' touchdown-to-interception ratio has been this high. Last season he thew 27 touchdowns to 20 interceptions.

Not only is he throwing interceptions at a higher rate, Rivers has now added fumbling to his game.

Since 2007 Rivers has averaged six fumbles a season, through 12 games in 2012 he has already put the ball on the ground 10 times.

With a 4-8 record the Chargers are barely clinging to any playoff life and with a loss this week to the Steelers will be all she wrote for that life.

The Steelers (7-5) will be going into Sunday's game pumped up and ready to play after beating their AFC North rival Baltimore Ravens 23-20 in a hard fought emotional game.

If Rivers has any tricks left in his bag, this will be the week to use them all since Pittsburgh is the top defense in the league against the pass.

With missing the playoffs this season the Chargers' brass could strip the whole team down along with letting the coaching staff go. Rivers would be a nice piece of trade bait for teams looking for a quarterback if the Chargers wanted to turn to the draft pool for his replacement.

Seriously after 10 years and no Super Bowl appearance it might be time for a change in San Diego.