Time to continue our mission of breaking down every Eagles' game of the season. It's time to see what'll happen to Philadelphia from Week 6 through Week 11.

Week 6: Eagles vs. LionsCalvin Johnson has always been sccessful vs Eagles

The Eagles face a tough match up when they play the newly-feared Detroit Lions.

Matthew Stafford was one of three quarterbacks to throw for over 5,000 yards last year.

Highly regarded as the best receiver in the league, Calvin Johnson looks to have another great year, catching pass after pass in double coverage.

Unfortunately for Vick and company, this spells disaster for a team that can barely tackle. I think it will be another close game, coming down to the wire, but Lions win the game 27-24.

Week 7: BYE

Week 8: Eagles vs. Falcons

The Eagles face another tough team when the Falcons come to town. Pennsylvania native Matt Ryan is breaking out as a quarterback and looks poised to have a record setting season. Mostly because of the ridiculous tandem he has at wide receiver.

Widely regarded as a top five receiver, Roddy White is coming off of a 100 reception season and looks to have another. Julio Jones is looking to be the next great No. 2 receiver in the league.

Unfortunately for the Falcons, Andy Reid is 13-0 after the bye week, so it would be a safe bet for you to guess he is going to make it 14-0. Look for Vick to get his first win as starter against his old team when he defeats the Falcons for a much-needed Eagles win, 28-24.

Week 9: Eagles @ Saints

Without question, the Saints have had the most 'interesting' offseason, if you want to call it that.

Obviously, with the suspension of half of the defense and head coach Sean Payton, the Saints will have to dig themselves out of a deep hole.

Thankfully for New Orleans, Drew Brees signed a new contract. Well deserved, I might add, as he broke Dan Marinos previous record and threw for an NFL record 5,476 yards last season.

Whatever problems the Saints have will be solved come Week 9. The New Orleans Saints will walk away victorious in this battle, leaving Michael Vick and company eager to get another chance. Saints win, 31-24.

Week 10: Eagles vs. CowboysEagles Babin Eats Romo

I love it when the Eagles play the Cowboys. Love it.

Tony Romo hasn't historically been too successful against Andy Reid. I guess after six years of coaching against him, Reid knows the guy's tendencies.

Sure, Romo has had his share of highlight plays against the Eagles, but in recent years, Tony Romo can't seem to find his groove.

Last year alone, the Eagles scored a combined 54 points against the 'Boys while the Cowboys only scored a lousy 14.

Look for the Eagles to come home angry about the previous week's loss and trample the Cowboys in what's sure to be a cakewalk. Eagles win 35-17.

Week 11: Eagles @ Redskins

Redskins fans around the nation are ecstatic, for good reason as their team selected Robert Griffin III with the second pick in the 2012 draft.

Through all the hype, fans seem to forget he is just a rookie. He isn't expected to have 'Cam Newton' numbers, but he's expected to perform.

Unfortunately for the 'Skins, I cannot remember the last time they beat the Eagles. I'm thinking it was McNabbs' return to Philly.

Either way, the Eagles will prove too much for the rookie. As if the defensive line isn't ferocious enough, they will be playing against a quarterback much like Michael Vick, a player they practice against everyday.

The Eagles should be able to use it to their advantage and keep RGIII off the field for most of the game. Eagles win with another strong performance, 27-10.


We're now 10 games in and the Eagles are sitting comfortably at 7-3, atop the NFC East. Still, their are several superstars coming in the final six games, including the dynamic QB/WR duo Andy Dalton and A.J. Green, Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning, and of course rookie sensation Cam Newton.

Did I oversell the Eagles? Is seven wins too much at this point in the season? Too little? Will Vick be hurt already by this point in the season? Comment below! Voice your opinion! Be heard! Check tomorrow for my final six game predictions.