LeSean McCoy No. 1 Chip Kelly May Have Changed The Future Of The NFL Last Night.

If you missed the game, you’ll want to make sure you watch the Eagles this Sunday when they play San Diego.  Here are some of the numbers for the Eagles last night: 53 plays run/ 21 first downs/ 322 yards/time of possession 20:20. 

Those would be pretty good stats for a lot of teams in the NFL for the full game. But these are numbers that the Eagles compiled in the first half on Monday night. 

The Eagles finished the night with 443 total yards while running 77 total plays. The final stats could have been even higher had the Redskins shown up in the first half. The Eagles simply didn’t need to keep their foot on the pedal until the fourth quarter. 

On the other side of the ball it was clear that the Redskins grew very tired very quickly from the pace that the Eagles were running. The Eagles snapped the ball on a regular basis with 20+ seconds still left on the game clock. 

It will be interesting to see how the rest of the NFL adjusts to this style of play. The immediate impact for this season will be that opposing defenses will have to make substitutions much quicker than they are used to. But the future impacts could be far reaching. 

This style of play will quickly attract other teams to try this style of play which will open up jobs for coaches with this type of game experience while closing the door on other coaches who aren’t familiar with this style. It will also attract players who want to play for a team that runs this offense. 

What offensive skill player wouldn’t want to play on a team that gives them the potential to increase their personal stats? And when personal stats go up, so does contract money. Yes, this style of play even has the potential to change the business side of football. 

Not only could player contract salaries increase, but the fan base for these teams is likely to increase which means an increase in ticket sales and possibly ticket prices. It may also have an effect on the type of defensive player that teams sign. 

While the defensive line needs to be equipped with big, heavy guys who are hard to move out of the way, now opposing defenses will have to have players who are also in good shape that can keep up with the quick pace of the game. 

We may also see some rules changes that allow the referees enough time to get the ball set, although the referees did a great job last night and were not a factor. The effects of this style of play are far reaching and could have some major impacts.

No. 2 Michael Vick Doesn’t Look Like A 32-Year-Old Quarterback.

Whether or not you like Michael Vick you had to enjoy the complete game he played last night. And really, are you still holding the grudge for what he did in his past? Yeah, it was some absolutely awful and inconceivable stuff that he was a part of, but it’s past time that we give this guy a second chance. 

He’s served his time and done a lot for pet abuse awareness since then. I’m not trying to make him a hero for what he did, but let’s give him another shot. While he threw for just 203 yards, he also went 15-25 with two passing touchdowns and one rushing TD with no interceptions. 

Again, these stats could have been better had the Eagles need to score more points. But the numbers only tell part of the story. Vick looks like he has completely bought in to this system. He looks like he’s having fun, he looks like he like the coach, and he looks like he wants to be the leader. 

On more than one play you could find Vick running ahead of his runner and going from a quarterback to a blocker.  Eagles fans and the coaching staff probably weren’t too happy with it, but it shows a lot of character when your quarterback is busting it down field to try and open up a hole for the guy running the ball. If, and it’s a big “if”, Vick can stay healthy, the Eagles will make a lot of noise throughout the season and will surprise a lot of people.

No. 3 On The Other Hand RG III Doesn’t Look Like A 22 Year Old Quarterback.

While there probably is no cause for major concern, Robert Griffin didn’t look like a second-year, face of the franchise, NFL quarterback. To be fair, he hasn’t played a snap in a preseason game or any other game that mattered since he messed up his knee last season. 

He probably has a little more rust to shake off. He did look better in the second half and led his team down the field multiple times as they tried to make what would have been an unbelievable comeback. He also looked to be favoring what has become the most talked about knee in America. 

Who knows if that’s because it still hurts or if he’s just being extra cautious. But it was obvious that it did affect his play, as he didn’t run as much as usual and some of his throws were way off. I expect as the season goes on he’ll become more comfortable and will be the RG III of old. It’s probably nothing for Redskins fans to be concerned with…probably.

LeSean McCoy No. 4 If You Thought You Were An Alfred Morris Fan, Guess Who Is A Bigger Fan Than You.

I am one of those people. I think Morris is great and could have an even bigger year than he had last year. And then he fumbled the first play of the Redskins' season. 

And then he mis-handled a handoff that resulted in a safety. And then we found out how much Mike Shanahan likes Alfred Morris. All day on Sunday, when the running back of any team fumbled the ball he was replaced with someone who could hold on to the rock (see Stevan Ridley and David Wilson). 

But even after Morris’ miscues Shanahan sent him right back out on the field, hoping he would make amends to his mistakes. 

Morris did salvage his day with a five yard touchdown run, but this was not one of his better games compiling only 45 yards. This allowed Roy Helu a few more snaps at the position, but this doesn’t look to keep Morris from his normal running back duties. 

He continues to provide blocking when needed, is a smart player, and can run the ball as well as if not better than most backs in the NFL. Redskins fans can breathe easy knowing that Morris has gotten this game out of his system and should return to his old self.

No. 5 The NFL Is The Best Thing Going Right Now In Professional Sports.

We didn’t need to see the Redskins versus the Eagles to know this.  We already knew it. But this game just helped to confirm it. FedEx field was hopping last night. It was packed with 82,743 fans, only second to Dallas for the first week of the 2013 season. 

While the Redskins didn’t bring home the victory, this game gave NFL fans all they could ask for; a lot of offense and a near miraculous comeback. It’s easy to argue that the NFL is the most exciting sport going on. The product that the league puts out on the field is second to none. 

Major League Baseball, the NBA, and the NHL all have their faithful fan bases and are fun and exciting events to go and be a part of. But whatever it is, the NFL has figured out how to trump all of the others.  This game was more proof of that.