Nick Foles1st Quarter

The first quarter was by all means the worst quarter in terms of how the team performed.

The Patriots drove up the field and claimed three points by the way of a 51-yard field goal. Eagles didn't look confident the next drive and went three and out.

The real story was when they got it back, and as fate would have it, Vick went down again.

He was scrambling from the Patriots' defense, about 10+ yards behind the line of scrimmage and got pummeled by Jermaine Cunningham.

Thankfully, tests came back in the second quarter revealing no broken bones. It was the second week in a row Vick was knocked out on the second drive, definitely a cause for concern.

Another thing that was impossible to ignore was the amount of flags the Eagles were drawing, specifically on defense. Two third down plays in a row that were halted by the Eagles' defense were called back. Roughing the passer and holding by Nanmdi Asomugha.

The next drive Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie made a great play and got an interception, but as fate would have it their was another flag. Over all, DRC had a tremendous game and essentially shut down his assignment each play he was in the game for.

The Patriots were having their way with the Eagles through the air and on the ground. The Pats scored on a goal-line dump to a no-named tight end with terrible coverage by Mychael Kendricks, who is supposed to be a tight end covering machine.

Philadelphia looked overwhelmed the whole 1st quarter, and it showed when Cullen Jenkins got in Andy Reid's face and exchanged some heated words. It was not by any means a good 1st quarter, especially when you realize the Eagles were down 10-0 against essentially the Patriots' second-team, being that Brady, Welker, Gronkowski, Hernandez, and Lloyd were all out.

2nd Quarter

The second quarter was a million times better than the first. For starters, it was the beginning of the second quarter when it was announced there were no broken or fractured bones in Vick's ribcage. From there it was a little rough to start, a stat came up showing the Eagles had 53 total yards vs. 66 penalty yards at this point in the second quarter.

Foles looked a little rough around the edges to start with, but had a few good plays early on. McCoy looks promising, as he still has the moves from last year. Than Foles made a great fake pitch to McCoy and made a sneaky handoff to Stanley Havili who exploded up the field for what originally looked like a touchdown. It was however a yard short, which was easy money for LeSean McCoy who walked it into the end zone for six points.

The defense really found their place in the second half, especially the line. Philip Hunt looked incredible for the second straight week and caused a fumble which the Eagles recovered. On that drive Nick Foles found Jackson on a great pass down to the Eagles' one yard line.

Set up in a run formation, Foles hiked the ball and scrambled to the right under pressure and found Clay Harbor in the corner of the endzone for an incredible tip toe touchdown catch.

Next drive Nick Foles threw an interception, which proved to be just a speed bump in an otherwise great performance. While Nick Foles thrived, Darryl Tapp heavily struggled recording two personal fouls in the first half. 

3rd Quarter

Nick Foles came out starting in the third quarter, which was not a surprise considering Vick was supposed to finish the first three quarters. Nick started the half by finding Maclin down the middle for a huge gain. Next play was a hand off to McCoy who fumbled the ball, but immediately picked it up on the first bounce, losing a single yard.

Next  was a shovel pass to Clay Harbor which he took for roughly 12 yards, was called back by a holding call. Foles than found Jackson for 16 yards. Three solid plays in a row for Foles, flags or not. Once again, DeSean hauled in a huge pass, showing great speed and concentration, which was obvious on this play as he had the cornerback beat by 5-10 yards and literally waited for the ball.

Than Foles found Brent Celek who caught it inside the five. Foles completes his second touchdown pass to Clay Harbor, for four yards. Foles 5/6 for 87 yards on this specific drive.

Next Eagles drive, rookie Nick Foles takes a huge hit, but gets up immediately walking away unscathed. Something that seemed unfamiliar to Eagles fans in recent years. Dion Lewis got in a couple snaps and had some incredible moves, shaking off players in the back field one by one. Damarius Johnson dropped first pass attempt on third and four, he looked ineffective this game on offense and special teams.

Alex Henery had an opportunity to make a 55-yard field goal, but he missed it; wide right. Next drive by Patriots was aggressive, as they went deep twice. One completion to Deion Branch (Brandon Hughes on the coverage) and another incomplete, broken up by Curtis Marsh. Gostkowski blasts 55-yard kick perfectly through the uprights -- take that Alex Henery.

Foles then found Chad Hall, Damaris Johnson and Mardy Gilyard on three of the next four plays showing his ability to stretch the play on all sides of the field. Bryce Brown got a lot of plays in the second half and he looked like the most explosive running back out of all four who got playing time.

Alex Henery then redeemed himself in the form of a 42-yard field goal, Eagles up 24-17. Nick Foles finishes 18/28 for 217 yards, with two touchdowns and one interception. By far the MVP of the game.

4th Quarter

The Pats started off the final quarter by going deep on the opening play which was broken up by Brandon Hughes. The Eagles once again held the Pats to three and out, prompting Trent Edwards to get in the game. He started his campaign off with an incomplete pass to Chase Ford, which should have been caught. Bryce Brown got the ball again next, and ran for 15 yards in heavy traffic. At this point in the game, he had four rushes for 39 yards.

Edwards then went three and out, giving the ball back to New England. After a great punt, they were backed up in their own red zone. Highlight play of that drive was Akeem Jordan blocking a pass attempt on second down, he must've jumped four feet in the air. Jordan also made another play on third down covering a tight end to bring up fourth down.

When the Eagles got the ball back, they went on a penalty frenzy and lost the ball. By the end of the game the Eagles racked up a total 16 penalties, which had taken it's toll on Andy Reid. By this point however, it was completely obvious the Patriots could not run the ball, something fans and coaches were happy to see.

Towards the end of the game Trent Edwards started finding open receivers all over the field. Chris Polk also entered he game, and he displayed incredible strength every time he was given an opportunity. One specific play was a third and four, he got the ball and immediately hit traffic, but not even three Patriots could bring him down, so he took them all the way to the first down marker.

All four backs had good games, making it pretty obvious the Eagles could have one of the most dangerous ground attacks this year. After Polk's failed attempts to get into the end zone, Alex Henery kicked a 21-yard field goal that essentially ended the game. Eagles win 27-17.