The 2012 season is finally here, and wouldn't you know it, the Philadelphia Eagles are once again in line to have a great season.

With a tough schedule ahead, the Eagles get to start off easy in Cleveland, at least that's the general consensus. Here are three bold predictions for when the Philadelphia Eagles land in Cleveland to take on the Browns.

1. DeSean Jackson Records Over 100 YardsDjax looks to revitalize his career

The Browns are a, let's call it...young team. Both Brandon Weeden and Trent Richardson are rookies, but there not alone.

The team has a lot of first or second year players on both sides of the ball. Not always a bad thing, but superstar Joe Haden is facing a four week suspension and ex-Eagle Sheldon Brown is well, old, and may not be able to put up the speed he needs to compete.

DeSean Jackson sure will. He is one of, if not the, fastest player in the NFL and is by no shadow of a doubt in a 'redemption'-type season.

DeSean looks to prove he is worth the $51 million they plan on dishing out to him. Thankfully for the Eagles and fans alike, he will start on the right foot in 2012 and record over 100 yards and at least one touchdown.

2. Defense Forces At Least One Fumble And One Interception

Maybe this isn't too bold considering the Eagles defense manhandled Brandon Weeden in Week 3 of the preseason. Maybe one fumble isn't enough? Still, it will be a great performance for the Eagles defensive line, and we will surely see plenty of sacks.

Being a rookie, Weeden is likely to cough up the ball at least once, especially since he looked like a deer in headlights last time he saw the Eagles.

The Eagles pass defense took a turn for the better when they signed cornerbacks coach Todd Bowles after the 2011 season. Bowles looks to have gotten the cornerbacks into shape, and DRC by all accounts looks to have his best season yet and return to Pro Bowl form.

Look for the Eagles to give Brandon Weeden the proper introduction into the NFL.

3. Michael Vick Throws For Over 300 YardsMike Vick looks to be there in 2012, not on the bench

If there is one player on the Eagles roster who is out to prove nay-sayers wrong, it is and always will be Michael Vick.

He was hurt twice in the preseason and failed to record a touchdown. Once again, Vick has to prove he can be durable despite what his record shows. 

He has yet to change his style, and by all means, he refuses to change it. At this point he figures, a decade into his career, why change now? Vick promised to slide, and hopefully will put it to use on Sunday as D'Qwell Jackson is a brute on the Browns defense.

Michael Vick finally has had his first full offseason as the Eagles starting quarterback, and the benefits will show when he rips apart the Browns defense and throws for over 300 yards and at least two touchdowns.


Eagles start off on the right foot, going 1-0.

Final Score Predictions: Eagles: 27 Browns: 10