Damaris JohnsonOn Friday, August 24th, the Eagles marched into Cleveland and played the Browns in a preseason showdown.

Both teams looked good, but neither wanted to give anything away, as these two teams play each other Week 1.

Still, there was a lot of good football to be seen. Lets see how the birds fared against the Browns.

1st Quarter:

Browns took the opening kickoff in the game, and had quite the drive. Rookie Brandon Weeden connected with Josh Gordon deep on the first play, and Nnamdi Asomugha didn't even see it coming, though he was on him like glue.

Weeden then threw another 20-yard pass and just like that, they were in the red zone.

Thats when the Eagles' defensive line stepped up, Derek Landri landed a good hit on Montario Hardesty and caused a huge fumble, with Trent Cole recovering. Unfortunately, Foles gave it right back with an interception. Following the drive Weeden overthrew two wide open receivers, giving the ball right back.

Damaris Johnson looked good on punt returns in the first quarter showing a lot of "shake and bake" and fighting for every yard. Eagles couldn't do anything with it again, giving it right back to Cleveland.

The Eagles' defensive line wasn't done quite yet, as Darryl Tapp recovered a fumble forced by Landri. Foles drove team up the field, and found Brent Celek on 3rd-and-goal, who broke a tackle and walked into the end zone for the first touchdown of the night.

When Browns got the ball back, things got worse for them, as on 3rd down, Darryl Tapp caused a fumble, and forced a 4th down. The next play, the punt was blocked by backup cornerback Curtis Marsh, who also recovered the block. On 2nd and goal, Nick Foles finds Dion Lewis in the end zone for a touchdown. A great throw and catch, seeing he was in tight coverage.

The quarter ended with a huge sack by Brandon Graham, followed by a great punt return by Damaris Johnson.


2nd Quarter:

Damaris Johnson got the first look in the 2nd quarter for a first down; he showed some great moves, fighting for every yard just as he did on the punt returns. Dion Lewis was in on a bunch of plays in the second, and for the most part showed the same elusiveness he shares with McCoy.

Nick Foles then threw a beautiful back shoulder touchdown pass to Johnson. Unfortunately, after review of the play, Johnson clearly never had his second foot down. Eagles forced to kick field goal, and Alex Henery boots 41-yarder through the up-rights.

The Eagles got their fair share of penalties in the first half, many of them on 3rd down. However, it seemed every time the Eagles did something wrong, the Browns were next in line.

At this point in the game, The Eagles are up 17-0, but it's only the Eagles' defensive line that seems to be a force, the pass defense was mediocre at best.

Weeden then drove his team up field with Eagles' penalties galore, and the Browns kicked a field goal closing the gap to 14. Nick Foles immediately came  back on to the field and threw a rainbow for 45 yards to Damaris Johnson who had incredible concentration on the play.

Unfortunately, the Eagles couldn't capitalize on 1st down, and were forced to punt.

Once again, Curtis Marsh stepped up on special teams and stopped the ball at the 2 yard line. Weeden immediately went to the air to try and make up for bad field position, Boykin was there to break up the pass. Two failed runs later, the ball was back in the Eagles' hands.

Dion Lewis then had a great series of plays. He started by running the ball and throwing off defender after defender. He followed it up with a beautiful screen pass, following blockers for 20 yards. Nick Foles drove down field, finding Mcnutt for a first down.

He failed to complete to Chad Hall, who dropped two potential first downs in a row. The Eagles kicked the go ahead field goal, which was badly missed far right.

Colt McCoy stepped in to finish quarter, once again ends with Brandon Graham sack. Eagles lead at the half, 17-3.


3rd Quarter:

The third quarter seemed to come and go pretty quickly.

The Eagles started with the ball, and took much of the quarter to drive down the field. Trent Edwards started the half and immediately threw a pick six, that thankfully was called back due to roughing the passer. Edwards found Elvis Akpla and Brett Brackett for 1st downs. Bryce Brown also had a few first downs of his own.

Trent Edwards than found Brackett under pressure, who broke a tackle and dove into the end zone. Eagles up 24-3.

Colt McCoy ate up the rest of the quarter, taking his sweet time driving down the field. They converted two third downs and even a 4th and 5. McCoy followed up the conversion with two first down passes to get his team inside the ten. 

4th Quarter:

Colt McCoy started the 4th quarter by throwing a touchdown to Evan Moore, giving them six much-needed points, ending an outrageous 15-play drive. Eagles still up, 24-10.

Trent Edwards than took command and went 5/7 and drove far down the field. Unfortunately, couldn't convert on a third down.

The ball was given back to the Browns, but just as quickly was given back to the Eagles in the form of an interception belonging to Oregon product Cliff Harris.

This was the 5th drive the Eagles started in Browns territory, great turnover ratio this game for the birds.

Edwards drove his team into the red zone but failed to score a touchdown. Thankfully Henery booted the 28-yarder straight down the middle, Eagles up 27-10. Seneca Wallace than marched in the game, but after a few first downs, the Browns were forced to punt.

Chris Polk was in during fourth quarter, but couldn't break away for any major yards. Like last week however, he displayed his strength as every time he was brought down it took at least three players.

Trent Edwards continued to show patience and poise in the pocket as he completed first downs back to back towards the end of the game.

That's when Polk got his only break of the game, and took off for an easy 15 yards. He even had the awareness to stay in bounds taking the team to the two-minute warning.

That's when the Eagles were able to take a knee, ending the game. Eagles advance to 3-0 in the preseason.