Another week and another preseason game for the Eagles in the books, and boy was it a doozy this time around.

1. Michael Vick Named Starting Quarterback For 2013 Season

Earlier in the week, Chip Kelly appointed veteran Michael Vick as the head signal-caller for week-one and beyond. It doesn't come as much of a surprise as Vick played lights out the first two preseason games. The biggest surprise was actually that Kelly was so quick to name a quarterback. Everyone assumed he would wait until at least the third preseason game, but that obviously wasn't the case.

After last night however, maybe it would have been best for the rookie head coach to wait?

2. Nick Foles Clearly A Starting-Caliber Quarterback, Just Not Of The Eagles

Could Nick Foles one day start for Eagles?While Vick didn't have the starting quarterback debut he was hoping for, Foles on the other hand couldn't have played much better. The young quarterback finished 10-for-11 for 112 yards including a great 99-yard game-winning drive. Michael Vick is no doubt the starting quarterback no matter what Foles does, but it's nice to know the Eagles (once again) have a solid option at No.2. 

It's very doubtful Foles will ever see the field as a starting quarterback under Chip Kelly (unless by way of injury) so you can expect the Eagles to trade the ex-Arizona star after the 2013 season. As it stands right now, Foles could garner at least a third-round pick, even a second for some QB needy teams (JAX, OAK). If he plays a couple games in 2013, and wins both-- he'll be the best trade bait the Eagles have had since Kevin Kolb.

3. Eagles Cut Ten Players; Most Notably Kenny Phillips

The Eagles turned some heads today when they released ten of their players. A few of them were expected to play some big roles within the team. TE Derrick Carrier was expected to have the edge over Clay Harbor, which turned out to not be the case. CB Eddie Whitley, who was starting to break out, suffered a knee injury Saturday which led to him being cut.

Most notably, and recently, the Eagles released former first-round pick S Kenny Phillips. The ex-Giant had a pretty bad injury history, and it didn't get much better this offseason. As if his knees weren't bad enough, the young hopeful suffered a quad injury a few weeks ago, ultimately leading to the decision to let him walk by first-year coach Kelly. With the Giants recently having to deal with a safety-crisis of their own, could they bring back their ex first-rounder? Will be interesting to watch.

4. CB Bradley Fletcher Struggles In Third Preseason Game

The one guy who everyone has hung their hat on from the 2013 free-agency crop, Bradley Fletcher, looked lost last night. He gave up three catches on the opening drive including a wide-open touchdown to Justin Blackmon. He got the opportunity to cover a No.1 receiver, and he couldn't handle it. Being only preseason, it's certainly hard to make a tough judgment, but Fletcher needs some serious work.

5. 2012 Eagles Draft Class Beginning To Look Like Best Of Andy Reid Era

Longtime Eagles head coach Andy Reid might be working for a different team, but he still molded most of the current Philadelphia Eagles roster. From Vick, Jackson, Maclin, McCoy, most the offensive line-- he did a helluva job. But out of all 14 drafts he was a part of in Philadelphia, his last has the potential to be his best.

And in case you don't know his draft history, that's certainly saying something (See 2002 Draft).

2012 Draft breakdown:

Fletcher Cox looks to be the one of the best defensive tackles in the NFC East, not just on the Eagles squad. Mychal Kendricks has had an absoltely insane preseason, and looks to be once again a day-one starter. Nick Foles we already talked about, his trade-value as it stands speaks for itself.

Brandon Boykin is making a push for a starting outside corner job, but did well enough his rookie year to at least keep his job in the slot. Dennis Kelly is out for the preseason after a minor surgery, but was reportedly in front of rookie Lane Johnson before August. He could still be of extreme value to the team if even one lineman goes down.

Lastly, seventh-rounder Bryce Brown who didn't even really have a collegiate career. Brown, after starting for an injured McCoy last year, bumped his trade stock up to at least a fourth-round selection. As long as he fixes his ball-security issues, he could be one of the best back-up running backs in Eagles history (and they've had some good ones!).


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