riley cooperThe first two weeks of training camp were filled with more than enough story-lines for the Eagles, and this past week was no different.

1. Riley Cooper Returns To Training Camp Only Four Days After Being Excused

So much for being gone all of August. After the video of Cooper went viral, the team excused the troubled wideout to seek "outside help".

Well, after only four days of being away from the team, Cooper returned. He met with the media and said he once again spoke with his teammates and apologized.

"I told them, 'I don't want you to forgive me, because that puts the burden on you, and I want it all on me,'" said Cooper.

After seeing some playing time against New England this past Friday, and having the support of his teammates, one has to assume Cooper is here to stay.

2. Chip Kelly's Offense Comes As Advertised

Despite losing to the Patriots on Friday, the Eagles' offense put up a good fight, and showed how quickly they can move the ball. We saw lot's of read-option plays executed by all three quarterbacks and of course lots of running plays by Chris Polk and Bryce Brown.

Despite seeing the new offense in action, Michael Vick said to media they didn't even show 'half' of what they plan on doing this regular season.

3. Chris Polk Is Winning The Race At No. 2 Running Back

Despite an amazing start to Bryce Brown's professional career last year, it would appear he's taken a step back this offseason. That, or fellow second-year back Chris Polk took a monumental step forward.

According to almost every report from camp, Polk looks like a completely different back from last year. With Brown still having problems holding onto the ball, it looks like Polk may win the job by the end of camp.

4. Michael Vick Winning The Quarterback Race, But Foles Closing In

After an outstanding perfomance from Vick on Friday night, surely he's the favorite to win the job. He went 4/5 for 94 yards including a beautiful laser to DeSean Jackson who burned Aqib Talib for a 47-yard touchdown on the team's first drive.

After Vick finished his reps, Foles was up next -- and it didn't start pretty. Foles was heavily under pressure his first couple plays and coughed up a fumble after the pocket collapsed. He got another chance, and made the most of it. No. 9 went 5/6 for 43-yards and also led a touchdown drive.

The battle isn't over yet, but I think we can all agree Vick is currently the front-runner in Philly.

5. Defense Looks Worse Than Last Year

Here's the kicker from camp this year -- it looks like the same defense from last year, maybe even worse. They had another huge free-agency haul, but early indicators aren't looking good. The pass defense was slaughtered by Tom Brady and even Ryan Mallett, but they still managed to play at least halfway decent.

The rush defense, however, was nothing short of embarrasing. On the very first play of the game, Brady handed the ball off to Stevan Ridley who ran up the middle untouched for a 62-yard gain. It only got worse from there.

Backup running back LaGarrette Blount made the play of his career zig-zagging through the Eagles' weak defense for a 51-yard touchdown. The Philadelphia defense gave up 250 yards on the ground that night, so something needs to change, ASAP.

It might just be preseason, but it's starting to looks like newly appointed defensive coordinator Bill Davis may not be the best fit for this team.



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