Are things calming down in Tampa Bay? Are things changing in Philadelphia? 

You could make a real argument for both in both cities as the two meet in Tampa Bay this weekend. The Eagles go into the week with Nick Foles as its starting quarterback because incumbent starter Mike Vick is dealing with a hamstring injury. The Buccaneers released former start Josh Freeman and will now try to correct its mistakes with rookie Mike Glennon behind center. 

It could also be assumed things in both cities are a bit rocky right now. 

The Eagles are in the middle of the NFC East and secured a win over the hapless Giants last week. The Buccaneers took the week off after a 14-10 loss to the Cardinals in Glennon’s first game as a starter. Hopefully the bye week allowed the rookie to strengthen his game and work on his fundamentals. 

From now on, this is Glennon’s team. 

The Eagles will throw a 3-4 defense at Glennon and the Buccaneers offense. Whether the running game and Dug Martin can find a way to split defenders and find daylight is not known yet, but this might be the best opportunity for Tampa Bay to get a win this week, because it surely needs one. 

Here are three bold predictions for this week. 

Nick Foles named starter for the rest of the season

I see this as a game that could really define the Eagles season for good. I like both Mike Vick and Nick Foles behind center in Chip Kelly's offense, but there is something about Foles that makes me think he is the man the team should go with for the rest of the season. 

The injury to Vick and his hamstring could be a lingering one, which means there will be more chances for Foles to claim the job outright. While he could not do it in preseason, the regular season has a way of making coaches see things differently.

This is Foles chance to shine and wrestle the job away.

Martin finds running room, scores four touchdowns 

The Eagles give up points and they give up yards. Those are two great things for Doug Martin and his all-world skills for this Buccaneers team.

So far this season he has 100 attempts and only 342 yards to show for his effort. Does a 3-4 defense that might still be looking for an identity, be the cure for the ground game this week? If so, look for Martin to have a huge game and score many times.

Sometimes, it just takes one game to get back on track. I think this is the game where that happens.

Bucs turn season around 

This isn't "Turn the Beat Around" but it could be "Turn the Bucs Around." All could be good with one win. 

I am not of the belief the Buccaneers are the worst team in football and that they might be better than the Giants or the Redskins and Steelers. I also think once the internal turmoil of the franchise was dissolved when it released Josh Freeman the team took a huge breath an exhaled. 

All said, this is a team that could run to daylight and take pressure off Mike Glennon this week and win an important home game.