Tarvaris JacksonThe Eagles started the preseason as a favorite to win the NFC East. Sadly, their success is contingent upon Michael Vick's performance.

The mobile quarterback can't seem to stay on the field. Vick left both of the Eagles' preseason games so far with injuries, a serious concern if the Eagles expect him to start all 16 games.

Rookie quarterback Nick Foles looks decent and capable of success in the NFL, but Foles is not the guy to lead a team off the bench in December if the Eagles are in a tight division race and Vick goes down. 

If the Eagles want wins they should bring in Tarvaris Jackson from the Seattle Seahawks.

The Seahawks are looking to deal Jackson and stick with Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson. Jackson is starting his 7th season and put up 3,061 yards with the Seahawks in 2011. The Seahawks aren't looking to keep Jackson around and that is excellent news for the Eagles. Jackson is ready to play and the Seahawks are reportedly seeking only a 5th-round draft pick in exchange for the quarterback's services.

The Eagles' division rivals want nothing more than for Vick to continue leaving games with injury. Playing against Foles will guarantee wins for the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys. The Eagles will likely be a 5-11 team if Foles is running the show in 2012.

Kyle Orton was brought in as the backup for Tony Romo in Dallas for precisely the same reason the Eagles should make the move for Jackson. Tight races. One regular season division win can mean the difference between a Super Bowl run and long offseason.