The Philadelphia Eagles' offense looked explosive in their season opener as they defeated the Washington Redskins, 33-27. Chip Kelly utilized the read option in his spread offense, making great use of Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy's speed. While the Eagles have a losing record of 3-4, they aren't as bad as most NFL fans expected they would be, and this is only Chip Kelly's first year coaching an NFL team; his success will come with experience, and with a HEALTHY quarterback.

This could bring attention to Vince Young. A mobile quarterback will play to his potential in Kelly's offense, it's something to think about. When Young came in the league, college-like offenses weren't depended on in the NFL, as we saw last season with the Washington Redskins; the Redskins' offense was made to suit Robert Griffin III, in which he succeeded, throwing 20 touchdowns and only five interceptions -- it's tough for anyone to say, but maybe that's what Vince Young needed, just MAYBE he could flourish in Kelly's offense.

Vince Young did not look too shabby during his preseason stint with the Green Bay Packers as he showed his ability to lead the team downfield using his passing and running ability, although it was only the preseason, it's a start.

Young is 6'5", 232 pounds, while Vick is 6'0", 216 pounds, Young is also younger -- not to say Young is a better quarterback, but there's no question in mind that he could remain healthy throughout the season when taking big hits, etc. It's not that the Eagles don't have a mediocre backup quarterback in Nick Foles, yet he is also injured along with Vick(probable vs Giants), and he doesn't have the experience Young has, neither does Matt Barkley.

Young could only be a good fit for the Eagles if his mentality has changed, his leadership role, and work ethic -- some may say he has proven that he could be a player to lean on from his performance in the preseason, some will say it was just the preseason, whatever the case may be, it could be worth a shot in the Eagles' organization if he has improved -- he's definitely not a quarterback that is going to lead a team his self, yet neither is Michael Vick, Nick Foles, or Matt Barkley.