Week 12: Eagles vs PanthersCam Newton proves to be a challenge

Once again, it looks like the Eagles have another tough opponent. Thankfully it's another home game so hopefully that will have some advantage for the Birds.

While I believe, like in RGIII's case, practicing against Vick everyday will help the Eagles greatly. Unfortunately Cam Newton stands at a lengthy 6'5" while Vick stands at 6'0. I think this spells problems for the Eagles because Newton is not an easy player to bring down. While they are good at stopping run first quarterbacks, Newton is anything but.

While he did rack up an impressive 706 yards on the ground, it was all last resort. I admire his skill to stay in the pocket, and look for every option before taking off.  Vick has an off day trying to compete with Newton, and Carolina rolls through Philly, 28-21.

Week 13: Eagles @ Cowboys

It's that time of the season again! Time to once again play the Cowboys. This time however, the Eagles go to Dallas. Usually home field advantage can play a big part in a teams performance. Unfortunately for the 'Boys, the Eagles seem to play better on the astroturf and being indoors. Poor Tony Romo doesn't seem to be able to get his game going against the Eagles, and I'm not complaining. After being beaten by "The Next Michael Vick" (Cam Newton) Vick will put on his best performance so far of the year when he once again defeats the Cowboys, this time 35-10.

Eagles fans look to have a great year

Week 14: Eagles @ Buccaneers 

The Eagles will be facing Josh Freeman and newly acquired Vincent Jackson when they land in Tampa Bay in Week 13. The talent doesn't go much further past that. Mike Williams had been inconsistent over the last two years, and the beast LeGarrete Blount looks to be splitting snaps with rookie Doug Martin, maybe even sitting behind him. The defensive line of the Eagles will once again prove to be one of if not the best line in the league when they trample Josh Freeman for another Eagles victory, 24-14.

Week 15: Eagles vs Bengals

Another rookie quarterback sensation, Andy Dalton will be coming to town this season. He along with A.J. Green have proven to be dynamic enough to make the playoffs, as they did last year. Unfortunately, like the Bucs, the talent doesn't go much further past that. They have traded two receivers this offseason including the acrobatic Jerome Simpson. The Eagles simply have to much firepower for the Bengals to match up for four quarters. The Eagles will once again show their defensive threats, while Lesean McCoy and company have a field day. Expect the Eagles to continue their streak, with a 28-10 win.

Week 16: Eagles @ RedskinsEagles vs Redskins

Eagles are sitting at 10-4, quite the record for a team who finished at .500 last year. Most likely, one more win will give them the playoff bye. Expect the Eagles to do everything it takes to come away with a win.

Much like when the Eagles played the Cowboys in 2008, Winner gets into the playoffs. Eagles won 44-7. I expect the same type of performance. The defense always seems to shutdown the 'Skins, and with the same reasoning i used when the Eagles played RGII earlier this season, I believe practice will play a big part in this game. Jason Babin and Trent Cole will be having fantastic days. RGIII wants his revenge, sorry Robert; not this year. Eagles win, 24-14.

Week 17: Eagles @ Giants

The Eagles are sitting at a more than comfortable 11-4, this win would do nothing for them. So there is no reason risking the health of Michael Vick, because lord knows it's a miracle he made it this far. Reid makes the call to sit all of the starters, and essentially lets the Giants win. Eli Manning looks to sneak in to the playoffs with another win, so he wont back down on the opportunity to crush the Eagles back up team. Unfortunately for him, back-up quarterback Nick Foles however doesn't go down without a fight, as the Giants win a nail biter 21-20.


Thats right! Eagles have one heck of a season, finishing 11-5 and easily coasting into the playoffs.

Too much? Too little? No way Eagles beat 10 wins? Voice your opinion.  What do YOU think the Eagles season holds in store for them?