Michael VickAdrian Peterson has been very vocal in his want and desire for the Minnesota Vikings.

On his Twitter account two days ago, Peterson told the world that “Mike Vick would intently make the Vikings a playoff team.”

And in listening or reading that message the Vikings then re-signed Matt Cassel to a new two-year deal.

So much for the best running back in the game today getting what he wants.

Now, the ball is back in Vick’s hands. Although he has not ruled out a chance to come back and play in Philadelphia next season, Vick remains the most pressing free agent left on the Eagles' roster who ahs not signed a new contract to play in 2014.

All other remaining free agents appear to be part-time players and those who could walk to other teams without hurting the franchise it is obvious that Vick could come back and remain on the Eagles' roster for a season (maybe two) at a reasonable pay cut, but unless starter Nick Foles is injured, do not expect No. 7 to see the field much in 2014.

That is why other teams like the Vikings (who are now out of the picture), the Jets (who have expressed some interest) and the Raiders (where it makes the most sense to sign him) are still teams that remain on the radar.

Vick’s style of play is prone to injury and his best days appear to be behind him as a quarterback.  Joked a bit when there were rumors that he might make his way down south to Jacksonville, where he would have been the starter had Chad Henne not re-signed with the team.

We all know that was instant Karma as Henne is now the starter with a new two-year deal. He will keep the starting job open until a rookie comes along.

The Eagles did a good job of committing to their current big-name free agents. While they said “goodbye” to Jason Avant, they retained the services of key members of the roster and playoff push last season.

The offense got a huge boost when the team and Jeremy Maclin and Riley Copper agreed to new terms. The offensive line got a huge boost when Jason Peters signed on the dotted line and they secured the middle of their line when Jason Kelcie agreed to remain on the NFC East squad.

The Eagles have taken flight early in the new year and have secured their future by signing their present players. The team could still be in the market for depth on the offensive and defensive lines and help in the secondary, but the start to the 2014 season makes the team the front-runner in the division already.

And the choice whether to return to Philadelphia or not, Vick is right now an afterthought for this franchise.