The Philadelphia Eagles entered the season under the new Chip Kelly regime, riding a wave of excitement, which had been building ever since his first day news conference.

In an intriguing matchup in Week 1 against the Washington Redskins, they took the NFL by storm, marching up and down the field with ease and confidence, two traits that have been missing ever since.

On the other hand, the Oakland Raiders finally handed the keys to Terrelle Pryor, after they realized they got sold a bag of rocks in trading for journeyman Matt Flynn.

Pryor has been consistent all year, but lacks the big-play receiver needed to boost his confidence as a down the field passer.

The Eagles are going back to Nick Foles, as he has cleared all necessary concussion tests needed for clearance to play on Sunday and the Raiders will be looking to build on a solid, winning performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Oakland defense wrecked havoc all day en route to holding the Steelers' rushing attack to a paltry 35 total yards. If they have a repeat performance this Sunday, bottling up Nick Foles and LeSean McCoy, it could spell out a long day for the Eagles.

Along with this analysis, here are three bold predictions for Sunday’s game:

1. Terrelle Pryor and Nick Foles will both show lack of experience and explosiveness, leaving the passing game to short check downs and 5-yard slants. The red zone will prove to be an obstacle as this game will be the battle of the field goals.

2. The surging Eagles' defense will clamp down on Terrelle Pryor, limiting his rushing ability by shadowing him with reborn inside linebacker, DeMeco Ryans. In limiting his downfield vision, he will be forced to make some curious throws that will lead to multiple interceptions, one of which will be returned to the house by Cary Williams.

3. LeSean McCoy will blast back onto the scene as the leading rusher and receiver in a Chip Kelly-style game that sends the offensive line scampering for the oxygen tanks.

I will be predicting an Eagles victory by the score of 26-19, riding the leg of Alex Henery and his four field goals, one of which will be 50+ plus yards.