The New York Giants will host the Philadelphia Eagles in what is the epitome of a "must-win" game for Big Blue.

The Eagles broke their losing streak a couple of weeks ago against Tampa Bay, but have since lost two in a row dropping to a disappointing 4-11.

The Giants haven't done much better these last two weeks, but they are still no doubt in Playoff contention. The Giants need more than a win though, including a Cowboys and Bears loss.

Knowing the history of Giants vs. Eagles, New York may once again overlook their rival next door neighbors.

The Eagles may be 4-11, but they still somehow manage to come ready to play every week, despite every key player being on the bench or injured until this week.

LeSean McCoy has finally recovered from his concussion and number 7 seems to have finally found his way back onto the field. That's right, Michael Vick is back for one final game with the Eagles. (Or is he?)

Can the Giants overcome a spoiler-ready team at home in the final week of the 2012 season?

Here's three bold predictions for Sunday's action:

1. Eli Manning Throws For Under 200 Yards For The Third Week In A Row

Remember when Eli Manning threw for over 500 yards against Tampa Bay earlier this season?

Well, that was Week 2, and since his record setting performance he has only thrown for 300 yards or more two times. 

The Eagles defense has finally started to show something the fans have been waiting to see: Effort.

Unfortunately for the Eagles Super Bowl hopes, the effort was given a little too late. Do not doubt though, despite being anything but last place in the NFC East, the Eagles will play their hearts out, as it looks to be Andy Reid's last game. 

2. LeSean McCoy Rushes For At Least 125 Yards

125 yards in a game is a great game for any running back.

For great running backs, those games seem to come easier and easier.

No one will deny, McCoy is a great running back. Unfortunately, whether it be a lack of touches, or the 100% injury-filled offensive line, Shady has yet to achieve 125 yards on the ground in a single game this season.

McCoy will prove he is still one of the best in the league when he has his best game of the season. Last time McCoy played the Giants? Week 4: He rushed for 123 yards.

3. Michael Vick Commits Zero Turnovers

It has been a rough year for Eagles fans, mostly in part to Michael Vick.

Ten fumbles and nine interceptions against only 11 touchdowns isn't quite the record the Eagles faithful were hoping for.

Vick will be playing for his job in Sunday's game. Whether it be for the Eagles, or another QB needy teams like Buffalo and NYJ.

Expect Vick to play to his strengths while playing it safe by dumping it to his safety blankets McCoy and Tight End Brent Celek.

Final Prediction:

This is most likely the final game in Andy Reid's 14-year tenure in Philadelphia. The Eagles will not let him go out a loser, especially the always-loyal LeSean McCoy.

Sorry, Giants fans, maybe next season.

Eagles win in an emotional victory, 24-21.


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