Me in my Foles JerseyAs I said in my last article, the Eagles put on their worst performance in recent memory on Sunday afternoon when they got torn apart by the Arizona Cardinals. 

With a final score of 27-6, there were many questions that need answering, but perhaps no bigger than the performance of quarterback Michael Vick and if it will effect his role as the No. 1 quarterback.

When asked about a change of QB, head coach Andy Reid said, "Right now we're with Michael. We'll evaluate it as we go."

Reid is generally a man of his word, but if he were to play rookie Nick Foles in the coming weeks, it wouldn't be the first time he were to change his mind seemingly overnight (Michael Vick over Kevin Kolb).

With the poor play of Michael Vick, it seems like Foles may be getting a chance to play earlier than most predicted. Here's five reasons why Nick Foles may be the answer the Eagles have been searching for.

1. Michael Vick Is Scared

It has become blatantly obvious that Michael Vick is not comfortable behind the weak Philadelphia Eagles' offensive line. When he snaps the ball he seems to look for the blitz before looking for a receiver.

Late in his career, he is now trying his hardest to be a pocket passer, but with the injuries across the offensive line, Vick is having a hard time not worrying about the pass rush. For good reason, as he has only finished a full 16 game season once.

Vick has taken too many hits in Philadelphia and is simply put, scared.

2. Preseason Stats

 May not be the most reliable reason, but it cannot be ignored.

The preseason is widely regarded as a joke, just a chance for coaches to see who is going to make the 53-man roster.

Nick Foles not only made the roster, he beat out the injured Mike Kafka for the No. 2 job. He put up amazing stats for a player who wasn't expected to be used at all this year.

Foles threw for a total for 553 yards with six touchdowns against only two interceptions.

He finished with an impressive 63.5 percent completion ratio and a 110.1 QB rating, second only to Russell Wilson's 110.3. 

3. Career At University Of ArizonaNick Foles

I live right down the road from U of A and was fortunate enough to watch Nick Foles play all three of his years in Arizona and I am probably one of his biggest fans.

As you can imagine, my house erupted when he was selected in the 2012 NFL Draft. 

If there is one thing I can take away from his collegiate career, it is that he's deadly accurate. He has only gotten better with age.

He went from an impressive 63.7 percent completion ratio in 2009, to a ridiculous 69.7 percent ratio in his senior year. As his completions rose, so did his passing yards. Foles led the Pac-12 in 2011 throwing for 4,334 yards in what was his best season to date. 

4. Good For The Long-Term

Philadelphia is a 'win-now' city and every year, the Lombardi Trophy is expected to finally be brought home. With Andy Reid on the hot seat, it would truly be a gutsy move to bench the starter for a rookie in the midst of what seems to be a 'do-or-die' season.

More than anything though, it would be an incredibly respectable move by the coach, as it proves his dedication to this team. Though Reid is on the hottest seat in the league, he still wants to do what is good for his team in the long-term. 

Though they may not coast into the playoffs with Foles at the helm his first year, it would be great to get the rookie some real experience.

5. If Successful, Could Save Reid's JobAndy Reid Wants To Stay In Philly

As I said in my last article, it would be a bad coaching move to bench the long-time starter over a rookie who had a few solid preseason games. While it would be the move of the year, it could easily come back to bite Andy Reid.

On the other hand, it could save his jobs for years to come. The Eagles organization is league-wide known as a team that can pump out NFL ready quarterbacks (Kevin Kolb, Michael Vick). Nick Foles may be the next big name to come out of Philadelphia.

If he were to win the starting job this season (seriously a huge speculation) and prove what he can do, Reid's job might be safe in Philly.

Largely in part due to the continued growth of Foles as a player. They don't have to win 10 more games with Foles, but if he can find a way to break .500, both of their jobs will be safe.

Whatever happens this year, I hope Andy Reid makes the right choice. His job and this season depend on it.