Michael Vick Philadelphia Eagles (1-3):

The Philadelphia Eagles entered the 2013 season STRONG. They were able to defeat the Washington Redskins 33-27, while their running back (LeSean McCoy) rushed for 184 yards, and their quarterback(Michael Vick) passed for two touchdowns with zero turnovers.

They owed this success to the first-year NFL head coach Chip Kelly, who utilized the spread offense, and made the Eagles' offense look explosive.

Kelly may have found out that you can't always successfully run these type of offenses in the NFL, versus the way you can in college.

The defensive players are smarter, bigger, stronger, and faster, Kelly may want to make a few adjustments.

After their first game, the Eagles' schedule wasn't exactly a cake-walk. They had to face the San Diego Chargers, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Denver Broncos, all playoff contending teams.

The Eagles have lost all three of their last three games, and this is why game four is important. They face the struggling New York Giants, and Chip Kelly wants to prove that the season opener wasn't just a fluke; Kelly wants to have a good first season in the NFL, and Michael Vick wants to establish himself as a leader in Philadelphia.

If the Phildelphia Eagles are able to rally against the New York Giants, this will give them the momentum they need as they face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who are lacking at the quarterback position; this will give Chip Kelly a chance to go 3-3, and he would surely be happy to build upon from there.

New York Giants (0-4):

This is a very disappointing season for the New York Giants (0-4), especially taking into account that their quarterback (Eli Manning) won two Super Bowls with the Giants. Despite his two Super Bowl wins, Manning has had trouble staying consistent season-to-season, and this is another one.

The Giants need a win badly, if Manning would want to prove himself, he would do it by getting his team out of this slump, and rallying them to back-to-back victories. There's no excuse for not throwing a touchdown pass in a game when you have Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks as your wide receivers.

The Giants need to utilize the running game, and decrease on turnovers. Eli Manning has thrown at least one interception in every game this season, and none of their running backs has accumulated a 100-rushing yard game.

The New York Giants could have a possible victory as they face off against the Philadelphia Eagles, with a head coach that's finding out the difference between the NFL and the NCAA. The Giants will need to put pressure on Michael Vick who has been found to hold the ball longer than any NFL quarterback(4.3 seconds).

This is an important game for both teams, who both need a victory to turn their season into a winning one -- this will be a great match-up.