Although it is week 5 of the NFL regular season, is it too soon for 'Superbowl' and the 'Eagles' to be in the same sentence?

3 and 1 is a pretty darn good start, with two of those wins have been deemed 'ugly wins' by many including yours truly, but Sunday night's win against the defending champs could have, should have proved legitimate to all.  

Michael Vick had 0 turnovers, the defense played a tough, in-your-face game, albeit with some tick-tack penalties, and Andy Reid actually called a balanced offense, making use of a formidable weapon in LeSean McCoy.  

Could we be seeing the dynasty that we as Eagles fans have been waiting for all of these years?  Could this team really pull off an amazing season that ends in the Superbowl glory that has eluded us for so long?  Time will tell, and if we keep playing like we played Sunday night, possible may lead to probable for the team out of South Philadelphia.


I would like to see Vick on the turf a few less times than he has been, but I thought he had a great day at the office, no interceptions on fumbles, he made good decisions when he threw the ball, and smart scrambling when appropriate.  

McCoy, although he got off to a very slow start, was patient in his runs, made the defense pay for over-pursuing, broke a few ankles and had some s
pectacular runs for big yardage.  A fan can only hope that Reid notices that a balanced, if not run heavy offense with a weapon like McCoy is not a bad thing, and that we see more of this type of play-calling.  

The receiving corps seemed to get good separation, and provided good targets for Vick.  

All in all, the spark of hope for the season has grown into more of a flame for this fan, and I tremendously enjoyed all the smack-talk to (and from) my NY Giants fan friends.


The defense definitely paid homage appropriately to the greatest safety to ever play the game-Brian 'Weapon X' Dawkins' on Sunday night, on national television for all to see.  

Taking a page from his book, the guys let loose on the defending champs, with reckless abandon, effectively shutting down the run, and bumping receivers (to little end).  I would like to have seen Manning a bit more hurried, knocked down and sacked, so let's work on that aspect fellas.  I would be remiss if I did not address what I can only explain as a brain-freeze during the defensive series with 1:43 left to play in the game, Eagles leading and NY driving toward the goal-line.  

I wanted to jump through my television and just shake the defense, how could they let Eli move the ball that fluidly down the field!  Talk about a nail biter...I actually got a headache at the very end, was yelling at my television and wishing horrible things on the Giants kicker so he would miss.  All of that paid off.  Thank the Football Gods!

Special Teams

Three Words - You. Sucked. Ice.  Field position for the Eagles? Terrible.  Field position for the Giants? Awesome.  This guy David Wilson was unstoppable and made the Special Teams unit look like a Pop Warner team playing against the Pros; unfortunately this was not the first game this season where the Special Teams weaknesses have been exposed, play like this cannot continue, otherwise the defense is going to be defending short fields for more and more formidable teams as the season progresses.

As a fan, I want to thank the Eagles and the Giants, for one of the best football games I've seen in a long while, it was playoff-nay-Superbowl caliber, on national television, and gave me some serious ammo for when my NYG friends start their smack-talk.  We will see at the next meeting if PHI is as victorious in NY as they were here, here's hoping!