The Eagles put on their worst performance in recent memory on Sunday afternoon when they got torn apart by the Arizona Cardinals.

With a final score of 27-6, there were many questions that need answering, but perhaps no bigger than the performance of quarterback Michael Vick and if it will effect his role as the number one QB.

When asked about a change of QB, head coach Andy Reid said, "Right now we're with Michael. We'll evaluate it as we go." Not quite a vote of confidence for Vick. Through all the turmoil of this season (though we're 2-1), it might be best if the Eagles fan base and coaching staff cool their jets for at least the next two weeks and let Michael Vick prove he deserves to be the starter. Here's why:

1. Nick Foles Is Still UnprovenNick Foles The Future, Now?

Nick Foles may have finished the 2012 preseason as one of the highest rated quarterbacks in the league, but he is still a rookie, and it was the preseason.

Before I get to into this let me say, I am a huge Nick Foles fan and I truly believe one day he can lead this team to the promised land.

With that said, I don't think it will happen anytime soon, especially this year.

Besides a lowly Browns defense in week three of the preseason, Nick Foles has not faced a starting defense in this league. The rest of the schedule doesn't get much easier, so it would be unfair to throw him into the lion's den, especially in the city of Philadelphia, where the fans have Super Bowl-or-bust aspirations. 

2. An Offensive Line Only Michael Vick Can Work With

After the terrible timed injury to Jason Peters, and the recent loss of Jason Kelce and King Dunlap, this line is in deep trouble. Thankfully the Eagles have Michael Vick, who is the only quarterback with enough moves in his book to make this line work. He got hit 25 times on Sunday afternoon, so clearly he had some trouble. If the 4.3 speed Michael Vick can't escape, how will the 5.1 (40 yardd dash) Nick Foles make it work?

Vick truly has to use his talents to make this line work, or else he'll be watching from the side lines, while another one of his teammates gets thrown on to the ground.

3. Vick's First Whole Offseason Working With Starters 

This year marks Michael Vicks first year having training camp as a starter for the Philadelphia Eagles. Some may argue that it obviously hasn't helped him at all, but it sure has effected the way this team carries themselves.

When most would point fingers, every player on the team takes blame. Mostly Vick, who is the first to admit his mistakes and promises better days in the near future. This team still believes in Vick and his ability to help this team rather than hurt it.

After his first full offseason as starter, he is beyond confident he has what it takes to lead this team to a championship. Hopefully coach Reid will whip him into shape and help him remember what he learned this offseason.

4. Bad Coaching Move To Sit VickAndy Reid Fighting for his job

Since 2009 and up to even last week, Andy Reid has always instilled all of his confidence in Michael Vick and always spoke sky high about him.

Yesterday, however, things seemed to shift. Reid looked emotionally drained after the game and didn't have an answer for much of what the reporters were asking him. When asked about the possibility of changing QBs, Reid was quick to say, "we'll evaluate it as we go" versus the normal "Vick is the starter, period".

While nine turnovers in three games is not acceptable, it would look foolish for Reid to bench a guy who he has been so confident of in recent years. It would most likely cost Reid his job, unless Foles were to somehow get this team to the playoffs.

5. Vick Will Perform Under Pressure

Last time Michael Vick was involved in a quarterback competition, the year was 2010, and he was busy taking Kevin Kolbs job away from him. Vick had his best season to date, and got the Eagles into the wild card game before a last minute mistake caused an interception against the than Super Bowl-Champs-to-be Green Bay Packers.

Every time Vick threw the ball in 2010, I had all the confidence in the world someone would catch it or at the very least have it in there hands before making a self inflicted mistake.

Now when he lets it go, I just hope he doesn't throw an interception.

The point is, when under pressure, Michael Vick seems to perform his best.

Maybe this is what Vick needs, a little fire lit under him. Hopefully he can bounce back soon and silence all the critics, because nine turnovers in three games is not why Andy Reid made Michael Vick a $100 million man.