Andy Reid "Dream Team."

Those were the words uttered by former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Vince Young during his introductory press conference last season.

The Eagles finished 8-8 and missed the playoffs.


A similar statement announced by starting quarterback Michael Vick during the beginning of this season, declaring the team's potential despite not registering the franchise's first Super Bowl win last season.

Fast forward to Week 10 of this season, let's try another "D" word. Disappointment.

The Eagles are once again on the outside looking in, sitting at a meager 3-5 after a 28-13 loss to the New Orleans Saints on Monday night. Of their remaining eight games, five are against divisional foes, with their other three presenting different challenges in the form of Carolina, Cincinnati & Tampa Bay.

So to say Philadelphia is in a tough position to make the playoffs would be an understatement.

The only starting offensive lineman that remains in an injury-plagued season thus far is guard Evan Mathis. Michael Vick has spent as much time on his back as he has on his feet all year.

A once highly-touted defense has lost it's edge, missing so many assignments & tackles that would leave legendary defensive coordinator Jim Johnson rolling in his grave.

And yet, this Philadelphia Eagles team is still very much alive.

Only a couple games out of a wild-card spot with eight weeks remaining, anything can happen in the NFL & with the proper adjustments, the Eagles could still make a playoff push. 

With that said, here are my second half predictions for the Eagles.

1) Eagles Sweep the Division

One thing the Eagles haven’t had problems with in recent years is taking care of business in their division.

Since 2000, the Eagles have posted an astounding 50-27 record in the NFC East with win No. 50 coming against the Giants on Sept. 30. Most of their bright spots were found in the division last season, as they posted a 5-1 NFC East record in an otherwise mediocre 8-8 season.

Philly has a realistic shot of sweeping the division this season with the Giants' usual shortcomings in the regular season, Dallas’ floundering squad & the Redskins still somewhat in rebuilding mode along with rookie quarterback RGIII still adjusting to the NFL.

2) Nick Foles Starts at Least 1 Game

Andy Reid has made it clear he’s willing to do anything to secure his job past this season, which has already included firing longtime pal & defensive coordinator Juan Castillo.

With Michael Vick’s starting job brought into question several times during the first nine weeks of the season, it’s almost a guarantee Andy Reid is one more loss and/or mediocre Vick performance away from throwing the rookie quarterback from Arizona under center.

Another scenario that would bring this prediction to fruition is the Eagles having guaranteed a losing season, which would in turn force the Eagles to test out their possible quarterback of the future.

 3) Foles Gets Injured in His First NFL Start

I thoroughly believe the Eagles best chance of winning anything this season rest upon the shoulders of Michael Vick.

Most of his performances this season can be attributed to a fragile, mediocre & unintelligent offensive line. The fact that Vick hasn’t missed a game yet this season after the hits he’s been taking is an impressive feat in itself.

The same will not be said for Nick Foles if he takes over the reins at quarterback. Foles is a polar opposite of Vick, a pocket passer who relies solely on his arm rather than both his arm & his legs. But none of that will matter under this crumbling O-Line as Foles is guaranteed to take dozens of shots.

The offensive line is one missed assignment away from Andy Reid worrying about not only his coaching future in Philly, but Vick's & Foles’ futures as NFL players as well.

4) Eagles Miss the Playoffs at 9-7

I stated in my first prediction that the Eagles would sweep their last five games of the division, leaving them at eight wins. One of the biggest issues with this team has always been & will once again this year be their inability to win games they’re supposed to win.

Philly will squeak by Cam Newton & the Panthers before suffering back-to-back defeats to two very game contenders in the form of the Bengals & Bucs, leaving Philly at a meager 7-7. The Eagles will eventually be eliminated from playoff contention in Week 16 or directly after a Week 17 victory over the Giants.

5) Reid Fired, Vick Remains Starter

Jeffrey Lurie previously stated that 8-8 wouldn’t save Andy Reid’s job. While 9-7 is slightly better, I believe missing the playoffs with a team of this much talent & expectations will be the final straw for Lurie.

Reid will be fired, although he shouldn’t and won’t be unemployed for long. And while speculation may run rampant, it might not take long for the Eagles to find their next head coach. If Sean Payton doesn't resign with New Orleans, expect Lurie to launch an all-out attack to bring the former quarterback coach back to Philadelphia.

Barring any big name quarterbacks on the trade block or hitting free agency, Michael Vick, who will be in the third year of a six-year, $100 million contract, will still be under center for the Eagles next season.