Andy Reid

Thursday night football this week has the Kansas City Chiefs with Andy Reid returning to Philadelphia.

Reid coached the Eagles for 13 years and while the relationship had some good times, there were some contentious moments that the fanbase and the coach had over that period of time.

But instead of booing him, which is what a lot of Philly fans take pride in, the Eagles' fanbase should and most likely give Andy Reid a standing ovation for the job he did there. Here are two reasons why:

1. Resurrected A Dormant Franchise- The Eagles struggled to find consistency in the NFC East prior to the Andy Reid hiring. Rich Kotite and Ray Rhodes did not bring the team to desired heights in the 90s. In comes Andy Reid in 1999 and his career record was 130-93-1 which is more than the prior two coaches combined. Reid gave the Eagles the stability the franchise and guidance that the Eagles desperately needed.

2. Nine Playoff Appearances in 13 years- Reid's tenure in Philadelphia had the Eagles in the playoffs nearly every year. From 2001-2004 Reid and the Eagles were in the NFC Championship game and had their lone Super Bowl appearance in 2004.

In recent history, the only other team that could make that claim is the Buffalo Bills who made four straight Super Bowl appearances in the early 1990s.

Coaches in every sport would love to have numbers like these. It showed Reaid was able to get the best out of each player and had them executing at a high level. Were the outcomes what most Eagles fans wanted, no. But you can't deny that the Eagles were not prepared and always executed at a high level.

For these two reasons alone, the Philadelphia Eagles fans should applaud their former, soon to be Hall of Fame coach. Let's just hope they remember the good times.