Michael VickOh, what a tight grip the Philadelphia Eagles have on their thread-like 2-0 record.

Count along with me as I go here:

They Eagles have had more turnovers (9) than total quarters of football played (8).

Michael Vick, who wears (7) on his jersey, has thrown (6) interceptions so far this season.

He's filled the shoes of long-since departed franchise quarterback Donovan McNabb who sported (5) in his uniform.

3 - 0?

Two unbeaten teams will enter University of Phoenix stadium this Sunday, and only one team can escape this game, perfect record intact.

Arizona has been on a tear since last season when they finished out the year 6-2. Their start this season indicates to me, that Ken Whisenhunt is lighting fires in their locker room, and the players are responding.

If you would have told me that the Cardinals would be out-gained by the New England Patriots, and that Cardinals' superstar wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald would be held to a single catch, I would have assumed the final was something like 45-10, Patriots.

My Three Predictions:

The Cardinals won as a team. Michael Vick won the game for the Eagles. It is much easier to take one player out of the equation, than take out an entire team. You control Michael Vick, you control the Philadelphia Eagles.

Prediction No. 1: Arizona rattles Vick early on, forcing bad decisions, leading to turnovers. This time, however, Vick does not recover, ARIZONA WINS.

Prediction No. 2: Arizona & Philadelphia have jaw-dropping talent in the return game. Reminiscent of Super Bowl XXXV, CONSECUTIVE KICK/PUNT RETURN TOUCHDOWNS WILL OCCUR.

And finally, one team will score more points than the other, and the team with more points, will win the game.

Wait. Too obvious.

Prediction No. 3: In a completely unprecedented event, AN OFFICIAL WILL BE EJECTED FROM THE GAME.