The (1-1) Baltimore Ravens flew to Philadelphia to take on the now 2-0 Eagles. It was a nail biter the entire game, and the Eagles managed to win again by one point for the second week in a row (Final score of 24-23). There were several players on both sides of the ball who stepped up and helped the Eagles beat the supposed Super Bowl AFC favorite. Here are the top 5 players who are responsible for the Eagles upset victory. 

5. Brandon Boykin, CB

When the Eagles released veteran Joselio Hanson, some questioned the call by the coaches to do so with only rookie Brandon Boykin to replace him. 

They are no longer questioning it.

In the final drive, Boykin was targeted twice and broke them both up, including a deep pass. 

Though he did not get any serious return yards on kick returns, he once again showed promise having great vision, just didn't have the blocking to break off any serious yards.

4. Demeco Ryans, LB

Possibly more valuable than any other offseason acquisition and draftee, Demeco Ryans has seriously made an impact on this defense.

From stopping the run, to covering receivers and tight ends, Ryans has so far been the missing piece to the Eagles dream defense. He finished with seven tackles and the single interception for the Eagles D.

Look for Demeco Ryans to finish 2012 as the most valuable defensive player for the Philadelphia Eagles.

3. Desean Jackson, WR

Desean Jackson certainly was noticed in the beginning of the game, not for making plays, but for being involved a couple scuffles between the two teams. Some of them looked like he started, while the others clearly looked like the defense was picking on him.

Thankfully, he backed up the trash talking.

Desean Jackson finished with seven receptions for an impressive 114 yards recording 16.3 yards per play along the way. He was in during the whole game, despite injury concerns, and showed heart the whole game, despite another turnover plagued game.

Any questions about Desean's ability to play 100% seems to be fading to black. Look for Desean to return to Pro Bowl form in 2012.

2. Brent Celek, TE

Perhaps no player was more valuable in the win than tight end Brent Celek. For whatever reason, he seems to be open on every play.

Thankfully, he took advantage of it and managed to record eight receptions for a ridiculous 156 yards. Leaving him wide open every play proved costly, as he recorded just short of 20 yards per gain.

If there is one thing to take away from Celeks' play, it's that he's a beast. Or a brute, or whatever creative word you want to use to describe the monster the Eagles have at tight end. He refuses to go down on the first tackle and seems to hurdle at least one player per game.

Look for Brent Celek to be the power of this offense for the rest of the season.

1. Michael Vick, QBMike Vick, MVP of the day

The Baltimore Ravens came into this game heavily favored, and were picked to win by almost every analyst in the business.

This didn't effect the Eagles game plan at all.

Last week Vick threw the ball 56 times, and recorded just over 300 yards. This week however, Vick only threw the ball 32 times, but recorded an impressive 371 yards and one touchdown. Unfortunately he did record two interceptions, with only one seeming to be his fault

In the end he finished with a quarterback rating of 94.7, something quite refreshing to fans and coaches alike. Vick showed that he can play with the best, and still get rid of the ball quickly and accurately.

So far, Vick looks like he could possibly be returning to his 2010 form, but only time will tell.