Tarvaris Jackson The free agency period is one of every NFL fan's favorite part of the offseason. It's a chance for their team to get rid of some dead weight, and possibly get some new talent as well.

The Philadelphia Eagles are all too familiar with free agency, as they've made plenty of big moves in the last few years.

As we saw in 2011 and 2012 however, adding big names doesn't always work.

The Eagles need to add some quality young talent, and that doesn't always mean going after the big names. With that said, who should they chase after this offseason?

5. Tarvaris Jackson, Quarterback

Decided to open the list with a bit of a wildcard selection. Jackson, who is by no means "young" would be an interesting prospect for the team.

Standing at 6-2 and running a 4.6 40-yard dash, the nine-year vet could find a perfect home in Philadelphia. The free agent would come relatively cheap, and provide ample competition for second-year QB Matt Barkley. 

Predicted: 1 year/$900,000

4. Jason Worilds, Outside Linebacker

This is a pick I absolutely love. After looking over the upcoming free agency list for LBs, lot's of names stuck out to me (Dan Connor, Karlos Dansby, etc) but most seemed they would be asking for a little too much money.

The Eagles are O.K. on money, but I would advise they save it for now. Some may think the Birds will go OLB in the first round, but I don't buy it. If Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper really aren't re-signed, then a WR in the first round is a no-brainer.

James Worilds is only 25 years and no doubt has a promising future. Only starting 11 games last year, Worilds led the Steelers with 8 sacks. The 'Steel Curtain' won't want to let him go, but you never know, anything can happen in the NFL. Word has it that Worilds is only willing to re-sign if he's a guaranteed starter. More LB drama in Pittsburgh? Come to Philly my friend, we would love to have you.

Predicted: 4 year/$19M

3. Graham Gano, Kicker

If you watched even 15 minutes of Eagles football last year, you know they need a new kicker. Alex Henery was supposed to be the next Dave Akers, but he's turning out to be a bust (fourth-round is high for a kicker).

Veteran Graham Gano on the other hand, is anything but. The 26-year-old went 24/27 on the year in Carolina, and had a long of 54 yards. He could ask for a pretty penny, but the Eagles can no doubt afford to meet his demands.

Predicted: 3 year/$6.5M

2. Clay Harbor, Tight End

The Eagles are somewhat secure at tight end. Brent Celek still has a year or two, while Zach Ertz will only get better. James Casey has all the potential in the world, but he was vastly underused last year, and not at all worth the $4 million he was paid. Being due $3.9M next year, I wouldn't expect the Eagles to keep him around, unless he's willing to take a massive cut.

Clay Harbor on the other hand spent most of his career with the Eagles before barely missing the cut last offseason. He found his way to Jacksonville, and flourished (for a backup tight end) posting career highs in nearly every phase.

Harbor would come seriously cheap, and could be a legitimate backup to Ertz in the future. Kelly has already gushed about him in the past, and would more than likely welcome him back.

Predicted: 2 year/$4.5M

1. Jairus Byrd, Free Safety

OK, so maybe the Eagles should go after a big name...Jairus Byrd

Jairus Byrd is no doubt the best DB hitting the market, and is by most viewed as the best all-around free safety in the league.

Byrd would ask for a whole lot of money, but the Eagles would be able to afford it if they stick with a cheap free agency shopping list up to this point.

The Eagles desperately need to fix their secondary, starting with safety. Nate Allen could find his way back to the team, but he won't have much competition if Chip Kelly doesn't bring anyone in.

Byrd could be the leader that the secondary desperately needs, and make a huge impact from day one. Plus, both Byrd and Kelly are Oregon Alum, so this move could be more realistic than we think

Predicted: 4 year/28.5M

What Do YOU Think?

Well? Should the Eagles look at other options? Should they worry about re-signing Maclin and Cooper? Or maybe taking a shot at different LBs/TEs or safeties?

Comment below and voice your opinion! Who will the Eagles get this offseason?

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