My, oh my, how the NFL off season flies.

It seems like just yesterday, Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco was hoisting the Lombardi trophy, Ravens' legend Ray Lewis said his goodbyes and the staff in Baltimore decided to get rid of the half the defense.

Soon after, Roger Goodell dug himself even deeper with the fan base (and running backs for that matter), and eight new head coaching vacancies were filled in a matter of weeks.

Well, already we're months past the Draft, and we're even through with OTAs. With that, training camp is literally right around the corner and that means the 2013 season is finally starting. Honestly though, does it ever end?

Some may hate this part of the season, considering there still isn't any football being played. Well, believe it or not, training camp and the decisions made during that time can make or break a teams year.

There will be lots to look out for,  from heated roster battles, seeing how the new head coaches will fair, and to just flat out answer some questions surrounding all the teams.

This article will focus on the Philadelphia Eagles and what the biggest questions are they're facing.  I'll not only break down what will be going down at the training camp in Philly, but also what I think the outcome will be.

From questions surrounding the linebacking corps, the secondary and of course the crazy three-headed monster at quarterback.

So with that said, let's take a look at Chip Kelly's first training camp in the City Of Brotherly Love and answer some heated questions facing Philadelphia's favorite team.