As evidenced in Sunday's 34-12 loss to the Bengals, the Seattle Seahawks' O-line and team as a whole are moving backwards, officially sucking in all regards except a mediocre defense. This offseason will be another draft crapshoot at QB that almost never works out historically for the worst first-round drafting team of the past decade. Pete Carroll needs to be held accountable for an underperforming, joke of a squad that's drafted badly and assembled a staff of losers from the worst offensive coordinator this side of Miami to a worthless, wife-beating O Line coach and a special teams that give up soul crushing returns like clockwork.


Maybe less Tupac and a little more Wagner at the VMAC practice facility would go a long ways to shoring up Seattle's sloppy lack of execution that ranks second to worst in the NFL for penalties through week 8. Studies show the human mind is more attune to memory retention and learning in general when exposed to classical music while the opposite is true for heavy metal and rap. Perhaps Carroll's anti-Holmgren culture of player coddling is the culprit for this orgy of penalties and general disappointment.


Pete Carroll made the conscious decision to destabilize a winning playoff team by parting ways with the two leaders of the offense this offseason; QB Matt Hasselbeck (whose proved Carroll wrong so far in Nashville) and former O.C. Jeremy Bates. It's one thing to make a sea change with a failing team, it's somewhat worse when your bold personnel audible blows up in your face to the tune of a directionless offense that's on course for historical ineptitude. 


The honeymoon is over, this season and team are hopeless. Pete Carroll better best .500 next year if he expects to save a job that's foreseeable future consists of spastic excuses about "team youth", something the winning Bengals embraced on the road Sunday en route to embarrassing the sinking home team.