Of all the questions surrounding the Vikings this season, Percy Harvin is the biggest.  He's able to create yardage after a catch, return kicks and punts, and even run the ball on occasion.

The only issue: Harvin's not happy.

Rumors of trade demands extend back to last year, and he's had to deny reports of clashes with head coach Leslie Frazier.

He's been caught shouting on the sidelines, and doesn't deny being unhappy with his role in the offense.

He's even asked for a contract as big as the one Calvin Johnson earned.

It's gotten so bad that one fantasy advice site has taken to calling Harvin news updates "episodes" in the soap opera "As The Harvin Turns."

At this rate, the Vikings won't be able to trade Harvin no matter how much either side wants it.

Harvin still has a year left on his rookie contract, and in theory, he could pull a Vincent Jackson in an effort to protect himself and force his way out of Minnesota.  It's been widely reported and noted that a year comes off a player's contract as long as he gets paid for playing in six games.

However, if the Vikings are stubborn enough, they could conceivably tag him multiple times, forcing him to repeat this trick and waste his prime.

Even worse, they could let him hit free agency after having this kind of attitude.  Good teams don't pay big money to players with attitude problems, so if Harvin were to walk right now, he'd either get paid far less than the contract he believes he's earned or wind up with a bad team and spend the next five years going 6-10 at best.

Free agency may be the best solution for the Vikings.  If they can sign a decent receiver or two (rather than castoffs like Jerome Simpson), they may not even need Harvin to qualify for the playoffs again.  Let him hold out and show up for the final six games (plus the playoffs).

Then, when he becomes an unrestricted free agent next year, let him test the market and find out just how much his attitude has cost him.

Maybe then he'll appreciate the situation he has.