You thought it wasn't nice to fool Mother Nature? Try running your mouth at Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots!

As if the Patriots are going to be intimidated by anyone, let alone the mediocre Dolphins. I'm tired of hearing lower tier teams complain about the scores of ballgames they never had a chance to win anyways.

Did anybody bat an eye when the '85 Bears ran roughshod over the Patriots in Super Bowl XX, winning by 36 points? How about Super Bowl XXIV where the 49ers beat up the Broncos by 45 points?

Accusations of running up the score are the equivalent of the referees complaining that wide receivers run faster than they do. It's a lame excuse for not being able to stop the other team's offense.

Do the Patriots really need more reasons to extend their scoring dominance against a division rival? No... but they'll take whatever they please.

Maybe we can pardon Ryan Tannehill for thinking that the Patriots "...are just another team." And should we really care that Karlos Dansby thinks that nothing "... makes them different than anybody else." Did he really compare the Patriots (3 time Super Bowl champs) to the Bills (4 time Super Bowl runner's up)? Yes he did.

No matter. Tom and Bill know what to do. Jealousy does not bother them in the least. The business of football does.

With or without added incentive, the Patriots will take care of business. They will run up the score. They will travel back to New England and enjoy the locked-up AFC East title. They will look ahead to a tough but winnable game on Monday night against the top seed in the AFC, for now.

And the Dolphins will continue to bask in the glow of their feeble arrogance.

Patriots 52, Dolphins 17