Brady with his new crop of uh...receiversThere have been quite a few horrible receivers or it’s probably more appropriately to say horrible receiving performances. But the masterpiece in poor receiver play that the Patriots receivers put together last night has to rank near the top. Tom Brady hit those guys everywhere except the bottom of their feet and they struggled mightily to make plays. The receivers Aaron Dobson and Kenbrell Thompson were targeted 17 times, but only had five receptions. This is when they had balls hitting them directly in the hands, some for touchdowns. The New England receivers gave one of the poorest receiver showings in a long time.


Poor, poor Tom Brady. Yes we’ve heard it all before, ‘No name receivers allows Brady to spread the ball more’ or ‘Tom Brady won Super Bowls when he had no name receivers.’ That is all true but one thing he didn’t have to do is win games with ‘terrible’ receivers. Those David Pattens, Ernest Givens, Troy Browns weren’t names but they were solid ballplayers. It’s fine to be no name. It intrigues us as fans even more. ‘Wow who are those guys making plays for the Patriots at receiver? I’ve never seen them.’ ‘Out of no where, ‘No Name’ has stepped into the spotlight to be one of the leading receivers in the AFC.’ Even adds to the Brady legacy, ‘And Tom Brady is doing it again with a bunch of no name receivers. This guy’s passes make you open he’s so great.’ But again, that’s no name not no talent.


As a professional in nothing else these guys have to step up and grow up quick. It shocked me to hear that the rookie receiver Hobson caught 92 balls last year in college without one drop. What!? He played that well and now can’t catch anything? They didn’t play very well last week either. Even Julian Edelman, if you only looked at the stat sheet today without watching the game then you’d think that he was fantastic. But he could’ve caught almost fifteen, sixteen balls if he would’ve eliminated drops in addition to missed opportunities. Yet because Dobson and Thompson were so bad, Edelman looked great. Because of the poor play, after a while the only person Brady felt he could depend on was Edelman. The Patriots wide receiver coach Chad O’Shea has a lot of work to do with this unit. Granted, let’s not forget that they should have Danny Amendola back soon and of course All-Pro tight end  Rob Gronkowski. But these players have obviously had trouble staying healthy and who knows if they’ll finish the season healthy. So these receivers have to step up and step up now. They have time to grow, but the reality is that they actually don’t. The league and the world is about now. Plain and simple and these guys have to get it done.


Well hopefully, if nothing else the Patriots receivers realize that they’re very lucky and it has nothing to do with their good fortune of having Brady as their quarterback. No, they’re lucky that ESPN called the game last night and not former Cleveland Browns quarterback and current team broadcaster Bernie Kosar. If he ripped the Rams receivers in preseason like he did, he would’ve made the Rams sound like Jerry Rice compared to what he’d say about the Patriots receivers. Step it up.